Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Getting ready for Judah is really a wonderful thing but I'm so not ready. OK the house is finally clean (mostly.... Brent was home with the kids yesterday and their rooms were terrorized buuuut at least it was contained to their rooms besides a bit of mess in the living room that I've already cleaned up). And, the bassinett is set up, clothes are washed and ready for baby but Mommy has yet to pack her bags or the bags for Alina and Raziel when they go to stay with Nene. So maybe I should get on that.... like yesterday.

You know what's gonna happen, right? I'm gonna go to pack these bags and things and go into labor. So really, I shouldn't pack until Saturday because I really want the baby to come on a Saturday night or Sunday morning so that Brent can be there with me. The way it stands right now, Brent has no vacation time or personal time until August so if Judah decides to come along on like, a thursday morning, for example, Brent won't neccesarily be availible. And I don't want to deliver by myself. And I don't want to drive myself. I'm thinking about asking Tamara to be my back-up labor-coach in case Brent can't be there but I'm not sure how I feel about that... I don't want a back up. I want my husband.

So, needless to say, every Saturday and Sunday night between now and whenever Judah shows up, Brent and I are hard-core working on natural induction. Spicy food, walking, anything and everything in the book. And then, if he doesn't come, we lay off on Monday and take it easy all week. If there's anything we can actually do to influence his arrival, it will be done!

I guess it makes me mad that Brent's job is so stupid. They aren't reasonable about time off and such. Its stupid to me how the whole system works. I guess I'm just spoiled in jobs where if I have a reason thats decent than they understand. Its not like I'll get paid time off or whatever neccesarily but I don't get fired because of a family emergency, you know? I wonder really how much of the policy is really THAT strict or if Brent just hasn't been explained it properly. It frusterates me that I can't really investigate further into how it all works and stuff and that I should just trust him on it. Though he's my husband, and I really should just trust him and plus who am I to think I know better than him? He works there after all. I don't. LOL. That's mighty arrogant to think I know better than him.

OK well I have things to take care of today at the store and in the way of paying off bills. Oh and I have to file AGAIN that these crazy lawyer people are out of their freaking minds. I have a court case with Capitol One. They're saying I haven't paid on my account and that I refuse to pay. I've been paying them for a year. They get a check every month. They brought up the case in October and I filed a response showing where I've been paying and where they've been cashing the checks. Yeah. Then I get another court document that I need to file a response to another claim that I haven't paid anything. Stupid people. Apparently they don't know how to document or something.

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