Monday, November 30, 2009

Setting up the Christmas Tree

I took a bunch of pictures from the other day when we set up the Christmas tree and wanted to share them, because I think there are some really adorable ones! We printed a few of these and sent them in Christmas cards to the great-grands and I am really excited how they turned out.

Alina and Daddy putting together the tree

Raziel helping Daddy with the tree

Alina was allowed to help with the ornaments

Raziel was allowed to look at them

Alina wanted to pose by the snowmen to show you they changed colors - she didn't understand you'd only see one color.

Raziel and Daddy hanging ornaments

Alina and Daddy hanging ornaments

Alina posing by the tree (this was a christmas card photo)

Alina and Daddy putting on the star

Christmas card photo

Christmas Card Photo

Raziel and Daddy hanging out

If Raziel had been looking this woulda been a great Christmas card photo but I couldn't get him to stay still!!

Well, that's our Christmas Tree photos! Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Oh my goodness Raz has so much hair and its so blonde. Crazy.