Friday, November 13, 2009

Baby Pictures

So the quality is horrid because I don't have a scanner so I took a photo of the photo of the baby but here he is!!!

This is a full body shot from the side. Along the top you can see his spine, his little head is to the right.

And this is a picture of his little face. To the right is his chest and to the left is his head - the black spot in the middle of the top of that white circle is where his little brain is :-) Also, if you look directly beneath his head, you can see his fist is held to his cheek, just like his sister and brother both did in their ultrasounds.

** if you aren't ultrasound savy, just smile and pretend that you're excited to see pictures of the baby. I know most of you folks probably can't read these things but it's okay! It took me til this baby to properly identify things without the doctor saying it first!**

We've decided on the name Dante Judah, meaning "Everlasting Praise." I debated for a long time if I wanted to use the name Dante or not but I decided the meaning is just too cool to pass up. (He will go by Judah) Last night Brent and I sat down with a list of 5 name combonations each that we liked - including things like Leonardo and Armeadus on his list and Aiden and Judah on mine. The rule was that we couldn't use the same name combo twice (Judah Aslan ; Aslan Judah), and we couldn't use our favorite name more than twice. Both lists included Elijah - but we they were both names we put down as "mmmm what else could we name him" and not as a favored option. I was given 2 vetos (Dante Raphael and Aaron Armedus went off instantly) and Brent took one (Judah Aiden) and told me to pick the name I wanted because we named Raziel what he wanted to name him and it should be my turn. I chose Judah Aslan last night but when I woke up this morning I didn't think it was fair to rule out anything Brent had suggested and settled on Dante Judah. Alina is set on calling the baby Dante, which Brent thinks is hysterical and is fully encouraging her for the time being, but in the end I am determined that he will go by Judah.

We'll see how that goes. Brent and Alina are the 2 most stubborn people I know.

New cute thing that Raziel is doing: Every time I leave him in his room to play while I take a shower or make dinner or something, he ends up in his laundry basket. He doesn't tip it over or spill it all out somehow, and just sits on top of the pile of laundry and the basket, babbling to himself and drinking a bottle or juice cup. It's really cute.

New cute thing that Alina's doing: She's been waking up in the night and complaining that there's a monster "above her crib" (her big girl bed technically but in the night she refers to it as her crib). This is fun sometimes but is getting tiresome. Our guess is that our mouse (yes, we have a mouse and there are 4 packets of poisen out for the darn little guy) has been going into her room at night as a part of his routine and that she sees/hears it and freaks out because its clearly not mommy, daddy or Raziel. We shall see if her monsters go away when I get rid of this darn mouse.

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