Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween and other tidbits

First, Halloween photos. The kids were SUPER grumpy whenever I got home from work on Saturday. Brent had only had them home for about an hour and was already loosing his mind. Still don't know why they were so grumpy but they were - that's life with kids.
We started by carving pumpkins. Alina kept saying "it stinks!" (about a hundred times). She got mad at Raziel who thought it would be great to eat the pumpkin we cut out of our jack-o-laterns and told him "NO! IT STINKS!" and hit him. Well, a few minutes after discipline, Brent and I thought the whole concept was pretty funny!

Raziel enjoyed the pumpkin. He wouldn't stop eating it.

The finished product

Then, we dressed up and went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.

Alina is tinkerbell and Raziel is a monkey! (in case you couldn't tell) We had a great time. Alina remembered from last year and was really excited and did great saying thank you. Raziel got excited after a few houses too though I'm not sure he understood what was going on, not really. It was a ton of fun and they were VERY well behaved!

And lastly, Sunday was my project day. I mowed the front lawn, cleaned the living room, babies rooms, bathrooms, and did some dishes. Around 3:30 Tamara came over to help me repair a pipe in the master bathroom and fix a clogged toilet in the hall bathroom. Well, the pipe repair didn't go well. We opted for a quick fix cast thing that should have rememdied it acording to the package, instead of doing it right and replacing the fitting. It didn't leak as bad but still leaked. The hall toilet was a pain; we spent 5 hours on it. We bought a toilet auger (AKA "snake") and stuck the thing in there and it got stuck. We finally pulled it back out and nothing came loose, so we decided it must be a toy flushed down there by Alina. I'd never caught her doing this but okay, I thought, she's 2. Entirely possible.
Well we couldn't get anything working so we took the toilet up off the floor, stuck it upside down in the tub and tried from the other way. Well, apparently snakes don't work when stuck in the wrong way and so well it got stuck. Brent got home a while later and finally got this out

All we know is that its been about 3 months since we've had toilet problems and that was right in the middle of shooting the movie.... we don't really know what color it was origonally because the picture you see here shows the phone after 4 bottles of draino in various types and brands and obviously have done something to the chemical make up of the thing. Wish I'd known it was a phone down there! Who flushes a phone down the toilet at someone's house and then... doesn't tell the owners of said toilet?!?! I wouldn't have wasted $50+ on draino if I'd known this was down there! And, its not like we know who lost this phone... it's Verizon which we and our family don't have... but that's all we know. LOL well, Tamara said she had a blast but left soon after resealing the toilet and took a shower. I did the same after bleaching every inch of the toilet and bathroom and bathtub.

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