Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Long Weekend

Wow I had 4 days off in a row!! Let's recap....

Friday: Boring... hung out with Brent and the kids and didn't do much besides clean and watch Brent play his new video game.

Saturday: I mowed the lawn.... and Pam's... and cleaned the backyard... and that's about it... nothing else fun to report.

Sunday: went to church, took a long break while the kids napped, and had dinner and went to bed early. It was nice.

Monday: Well, Monday wasn't so hot. We couldn't go anywhere or do anything because we're tight on cash until Thursday. Brent and I were both off, and we were SUPER excited because we had an OBGYN appt. (see below for details..) but his sister's dog hung itself and died so Brent had the honor of getting the 100lb golden retriever they'd had for 8 years down from where it was hanging and to the landfill where we could legally bury a dog that big. So he didn't get to come because Pam wasn't home and he couldn't really leave the girls alone, and he had to take care of the body so it SUCKED because he didn't get to come for any of the fun stuff.

So; the jucies: That's right, ladies and gents, I finally went to the OBGYN. I got to see Cheryl, the midwife that works at the practice. She's the one who I saw when I was fixing to go into labor with Raziel, and I LOVE her, she's awesome. Anyways, she measured my uterus to about 23 weeks, but the ultrasound showed about 20 weeks so we've settled on March 22nd for the duedate (which sounds right to Brent and I). Baby is a boy (what?!?!) and is a bit on the little side, but no big deal the others were too.

So, now that we know its a boy we don't like the name LienRoth at all and we're debating between Dante and other ideas. Brent really likes Dante but I'm not digging it so much.... Dante alone means eternal or lasting, but when paired with inferno it means Hell soooooo I don't think so. I could handle Dante maybe but its known for #1) a video game and #2) a famous book about hell sooooo maybe not so much. So, I put on the table "Judah Aslan" and we're considering it. I REALLY like that name, he'd go by Judah, but Brent's on the fence so we're letting it soak in to see if it grows on him. Judah means "the praised one" and and Aslan (duh) means "lion". I like it because of the biblical/spiritual connotations. But, we'll see.

thats all for now... will add pics of baby soon.

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  1. A boy?! Awesome! I know you wanted a girl, but I guess that means ya'll need to keep repopulating;-)
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Judah Aslan.
    LOVE it!