Monday, November 16, 2009

Day of Rest - HAH

Ok so maybe it's a restful thing to have a clean house, and for today that will be my translation of the Day of Rest ideal about Sunday.

What I did my Sunday (After Church)

#1) Picked up and mowed 1/2 the backyard. **this is a feat. I own a full acre that I have to keep up with and I also keep my mother-in-law's acre because she has asthma and can't mow it herself and on top of it we have a push mower so it's alot to have a yard in partial order** Oden is much happier now that he has room to play without the harrasment of weeds and mini-trees. All I have left is the unused half of my backyard that has alot of junk left by the previous owner that I'm just now (I know, I know) getting to take down because I FINALLY know people that have trucks so we can haul it off.

#2) Did ALL the laundry. Washed, dried, folded, hung and put away. I even paired socks.

#3) Washed all dishes, dried and put away. Also cleaned the counters and stove.

#4) Picked up and swept all rooms; Raziel's room, Alina's room, the living room, my room, both bathrooms, Brent's workout room, and the dinning/kitchen space.

#5) Organized all Alina and Raziel's toys back into the proper bins and threw out non-working toys (such as a magnadoodle with no magnets or magnet pen)

#6) Sorted Alina and Raziel's clothes, removing and storing outgrown/summer items and adding winters (and grow-intos for Raziel). Alina is still a 2-t with adjustable waist taken in while Raziel (now 14 months) is wearing 12-18 months and an occasional pair of jeans that are 9 months, although those mainly fit because he's short in the legs and I can't really say they fit well in the waist.

#7) Cleaned both bathrooms

#8) Swept leaves off the front porch.

#9) Bathed the kids - twice.

#10) Made a delicious dinner of chicken strips (injected with butter), mashed potatoes, Rotini & Brocolli, and cheddar buscuits. I also cleaned the dishes after dinner.

#11) Cleaned up a big mess -- Alina and Raziel were playing in the cabinets while I cooked (as usual) and apparently some time ago I opted to put away our fyer full of oil instead of draining it (Brent claims he told me it was a stupid idea) and they knocked the entire thing (probably a full gallon of oil) over and spilled it all over the inside of my cabinet and effectively all over my crockpot, countertop-skillet, and every other rarely-used electrical device I had stored down there.

So I guess I didn't rest much during the day but it was WONDERFUL and I really really really love having the house and yard so clean and pretty. I loved having Brent come home and tell me how good the house looked. I love the fact that all he has to do today is watch the kids and take a load of trash to the dump (I would have yesterday lol but it's closed Sundays). I love the fact that I am a capable woman and can both provide for her home and care for it as well. Do I know that I'll have to sweep and probably clean Alina's room (at least) again when I get home? Absolutely. Is that my job as a mommy? Absolutely. Do I love it? Absolutely. I'm an acomplished person today and I'm proud of my home. I can't wait till we get that pool taken down (gosh, I went to look at it the other day and theres about 150 screws holding it all together, it's gonna take FOREVER! I'm thinking I'll talk Tamera into helping or at least loaning me a power screw-driver) and have the whole place really fixed up. And I'm really proud that I get so much done while keeping my two toddlers happy and cared for, and being pregnant with a very healthy strong baby.

That's my bragging for the day. I had to tell someone about it. :-)

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  1. That is awesome! What a good feeling! I FINALLY am starting to feel a little bit on top of the house. I feel like if someone were to drop in, I wouldn't have to make them stand outside;-)