Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What to name him?

So hubby has possibly convinced me Judah isn't the greatest name since it could be rhymed with budah and being as that is the name of a big fat and fake god, that is potentially a mean nickname.... sad that we have to consider that but geez nothing rhymes with Raziel so it hasn't been much of a discussion previously.... But I haven't given up yet, because I really like the name alot anyway and will keep fighting for it.

I looked up the meaning of Dante Leonardo and it means "everlasting strength." Like the literature relation people put with Dante or not, that's a freaking awesome meaning.... And, Brent argues that people are simply stupid because the story of Dante's Inferno is actually about a man that goes through the 13 rings of hell to get to his wife Beatrice (who died young) and be in heaven with her. She sends Virgil, an angel, to walk through it with him. Plus, he enters hell on Good Friday emerges from Hell on Easter morning -- I wonder if the author meant that the way it seems... that Dante was a picture of Christ figthing through hell to get to spend eternity with his beloved. Scholars look to Dante as an allegory and the relationship between Dante and Beatrice to represent spiritual love.... That's cool... Maybe people just don't know what they're talking about because that story is really freaking awesome. Plus... I wonder about how many people will even think that because it's a fine line - you have to be well-read enough to know about Dante's Inferno, but not well-read enough to know what it's about... that's a small population of the world... and happens to be that there's a few of those in my family, lol.

And hey, people really could pick on our kids for alot of things -the fact that they have odd names for one... so I might be convinced of this Dante idea.... Realistically, if Gwenyth can name her kid "Apple", Courtney Cox can name hers "Coco" then Dante isn't so bad. It's better then Brent's newest proposition of "Armaidus" To me that just sounds like a man from like the Roman Empire or the Bible... You know, this person begat this one, that one begat this one, and this person begat "Armaidus." -- which doesn't have a cool meaning btw, it doesn't even come up as a real name.

Note: In the process of trying to remember which crazy celebrity named their kid Apple, I came across this listing of Wacky Celebrity Baby Names and had to show some of the best (craziest) ones.
Shannyn Sossaman & Dallas Clayton: Baby son; Audio Science
Julia Roberts & Danny Moder: Twins; Phinnaeus Walter and Hazel Patricia (I like Hazel but Phinnaeus? omg!)
Jools Norton & Jamie Oliver: Baby daughters; Daisy Boo and Poppy Honey
Geri Halliwell & Sacha Gervasi: Baby daughter; Bluebell Madonna
Beth Riesgraf & Jason Lee: Baby son; Pilot Inspektor
Paula Yates & Bob Geldof: Baby daughters; Fifi-Trixibelle, Peaches, Little Trixie, and Honeyblossom (4 girls? all bad names? aww poor things! they sound like little fluffy purse-dog names!)

Dante, Judah, Aslan, anything is better than Fifi or Phinnaeus! They must not have considered their kids getting picked on as middle schoolers... and not to mention that Paula & Bob's girls all have stripper names.

Last night was sweet because Alina was sleeping when we got home. (it was rainy, and dark, I picked up the kids because Brent had forgotten his wallet and had no gas in his car... and when we got home it was like 8:20) We put Raziel right down with a bottle (I know I need to break him but it makes life so much easier!) and I went to put Alina in bed but she woke up enough to tell me she was hungry. So, she sat in my lap at the dinner table while daddy served mashed-potato-barbeque-hamburger-with-cheese-on-top casserole that pam makes and MAN it was yummy. Alina told me I was her best friend (I love that) and she talked about what we should name the baby. Her suggestion? Little Joe Bob the Tomato. While Joseph Robert is a nice name (though not weird enough for us really) I could never name my child that because he would always be Little Joe Bob the Tomato to me, and I can't handle that LOL!

ahhh... back to the drawing board. Too bad LienRoth means "Red Flower" because it would be so cool if it was like "dragon" or something. Alas.... it's the fall back plan but I don't see it happening. Well, I'm going to continue my hunt for a cool name to go with Dante that doesn't sound like a ninja turtle. Too bad Judah and Dante don't really go together.


  1. Ooh, I love naming babies! I like Dante, but I also like Andreas, which I had finally convinced Paul to name our last, but she turned out to be a Camille. And btw, some friends of ours have a son named Phinneas. I thought she was kidding when he was born. He is called Phin, and I am more used to it, but ugh. Ugh. Tonight Jonathan was hoping I would have another baby someday and was thinking of names. He said if it is a girl, she should be Cutie Renee. That's why kids don't have babies.

  2. Beth, I've read the entire Divina Comedia. Slogged through Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. Tell Brent there's no way on earth people won't think of hell when they hear Dante. They'll also think of the dark movie and violent video game, both named Dante's Inferno. Judah is much more merciful.

    Literary nitpicking: Hell has 9 circles. The last is Satan encased in ice, symbolizing his powerlessness. Virgil was the most famous of Roman poets. He meets Dante (Dante Alighieri) in Limbo, the place for virtuous pagans and unbaptized babies. Dante Alighieri never married Beatrice. He met her briefly when both were children and she became his lifelong ideal. Beatrice married another man and died at age 24.

  3. lol thanks for the further info :-) My knowledge of the story is actually limited to the internet Sparknotes scan I did and my husband's memory of what it's about from years and years ago

    I'm still pushing Judah... though he'd want to call him Aslan if we named him Judah Aslan