Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Healthy Eating Habits

Today I have not had the bestest eating habits. Okay. I had 2 muffins for breakfast smuthered in butter but have been soooo busy at work that I didn't get a chance to eat lunch and since it's 4:45 and I'm just now getting any time to do anything, my mountain dew and swiss cake roll will be it until I go home at 6 and have a real dinner.

I don't know what to do about meals on the go. I've started getting up in the mornings a bit earlier so that I can make something for the kids in the car because Raziel inevitably dumps his entire cup of cereal all over the car and doesn't actually eat any of it. This morning I baked muffins (59 cents for a box of Jiffy) and we had that in the car and that worked out really well but... I was late to work so I will have to work on cooking those muffins the night before instead of the morning of. Total bummer because I love hot muffins for breakfast but owell. It's life. I'm trying to think of other good things that are kid-friendly that aren't terribly messy in the car and/or easy to clean up like crumbs out of the bottom of the carseat because he doesn't feel the need to throw pieces of his muffin all over. But, I have yet to think of anything beside muffins. I considered bagels but I'm not sure how well they'd do with em because bagels tend to be sort of tough.

Lunches have been interesting. We're bringing lunches from home 95% of the workweek now, to help cut costs. But, unless I have leftovers or a hotpocket (only the first 3 days after grocery shopping) , it's tuna salad for me. I want to come up with some more things I can keep at work that aren't expensive but that I can have some variety in but for some reason I'm just striking out on creativity.

Maybe that has to do with all the hours I've been working. I worked an hour late 3 nights in a row last week and then already once this week. I got an email from our HR lady that said "hey don't be late anymore" and didn't feel like I'd been late much... but I was 5 mins late 2x last week and 5 minutes late yesterday and then 15 minutes today so I guess she's right... In my defense, I worked till 7:30 last night and then had to stop at the grocery store- how dare that Walmart be set up different from my Walmart? I spent 30 minutes trying to find hamburger buns! and then got home at about 8:25 and then we had dinner and watched Dane Cook's viscous Cycle - hilarious but NOT clean at all and not recomended! All I know is that tonight I'm locking the doors at 5:55 and that's that. I am so tired and wore out. I had so much to do at work today - I had to clean up, do piles paperwork, and run the whole place alone. Tomorrow Bob's back and while he may not do much at all, he's another person so I can be more productive. I've had a headache since 3pm yesterday that didn't ever subside.

Well I guess that's life for now. I'm so tired I can't really accumulate more thoughts and I'm too worn out to really try anymore. Maybe I should go fill those prenatal vitamens the OBGYN perscribed and start taking them... And maybe if I make it through Thursday and I have another 4 day weekend I will enjoy the break. Maybe my brain will return from the mush it seems to be.

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