Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I've been online today looking at potential Christmas buys. I am so excited because we have found kids laptops made for kids aged 3-5. We had thought that we were gonna get this little spiderman one they had on sale super cheap at walmart but we were waiting for the price to drop as low as we knew it'd go and the toys girl came over to tell Brent it had finally dropped and by the time they walked back over there(3 minutes?) it had been bought. Man. But, that's ok, because now I'm looking at them online. Here's what I found and think we'll get

V-Tech Laptop

I read the reviews on Amazon and it seems like it'll be great for Alina - geared right at her age - a tiny advanced for some 3 year olds but she's smart and plus it seemed those people that said it was too hard weren't playing with their kids on the thing so I don't think that'll be a problem for Alina because we'll be playing with her alot of the time. It teaches letters and shapes and stuff and seems really cool. They have it at the Walmart here in town for $20 so we're gonna get it and use our discount instead of ordering it online.

Then I looked at what similar customers had bought when they purchased this item and another great idea occured to me.


This dollhouse is only $30 at and if we do site to store (a nice little feature that allows you to buy online and have it sent to your neighborly Walmart) it's free shipping so that's a GREAT deal. I'm gonna try to talk Brent into getting this for her as well because we went to Tamra's a few weeks ago and they had a dollhouse over there and that's all Alina was interested in playing with. I think this would be great especially with the new baby on the way because its something she can do alone quietly. It comes with a momm, daddy and a baby and I think that's great too because she's started role-playing alot when she plays... she makes dinner, she rocks her baby to sleep, etc. I think the dollhouse would be a fantastic idea. It will take some room but I'm looking and getting a few of her non-used toys (that were free anyway) out of her room and giving them away or selling them to a kids shop down here for a few bucks to make up for the space.

I also found out in the progress of looking around on Amazon that they have a Black Friday sale (what?!?!) and that starts Monday. So, if you are planning to do any of your shopping online, check out pricing this next week on Amazon and other sites. I never woulda thought they'd do black friday sales online but they do so that's really cool -- you get all the pricing benefits of the internet and black friday but none of the waiting in line at those stores or the rushes or crazy people beating eachother for the last hot item. Its funny that I'm plugging the net stores right now because Brent and I have pretty much decided that's why the economy is doing so poorly but whatever - it's cheaper, right? lol. So, I am getting online this next week and ordering a few of my gifts for Brent at the discounted rates instead of waiting closer to Christmas, paying more and all that stuff. I'll blog about how much I save and what I get at what price or whatever (well the non-Brent stuff because he reads this blog so I can't exactly list it all lol)

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