Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

Well I wasn't going to do it. I'd sworn it off since I worked in the mall for all those years and have seen people run, hit, bite, yell, scream, pinch and shove other people over getting hot christmas items on the day after thanksgiving. But, alas, I got online last night to check out some prices and saw an add for something I wanted to buy Brent for Christmas and figured Walmart would have a similar sale (which they did) and decided maybe I should go. I was undecided until Oden woke me up at 5:30 by getting his chain wrapped around the remaining pool pieces and barking constantly. The barking was bad enough but in his attempt to untangle himself he was trampling the wall piece of the pool and since that's made of aluminum it was quite noisy. So I rolled over, looked at the clock, went out to help the poor dog and noticed it wasn't that cold and then went on to get up the kids and put them into the car so we could go to Walmart.

I won't disclose the thing that I purchased for Brent although I will clue everyone in that it's something I'd already been looking at buying for him, and that usually costs about $40 or $50 at least... I'd found one at amazon for $20 but hadn't bought and then what do you know it was on sale for $3. I also purchased an accessory to go along with it for another $3.

I will show you the other cool stuff I got!!

First, something that's not a gift for anyone, just something we needed. A 30 piece Rubbermaid tupperware set. Usually about $25. I paid $7.

These are footie pajamas for Raziel, size 18 months. They've got Lightning McQueen on them, and aren't the super thick kind but they're nice. Usually footie PJ's cost $12. I paid $5.

Yes, it's a 3T. I couldn't pass up the deal, or find Dora in a smaller size. I know, they'll be too big probably but Alina won't mind. Usually a pajama set like this is $18. I paid $3.

Towels were so cheap I bought 2, just to help fill out our supply. You always need towels after all. Usually these towels are $5 each. I paid $2 each and bought 2 towels. I would have bought more but they were gone. The lady working that section said as soon as it was 5 0'clock (when the sale began), that people just picked up entire stacks and dropped them in their carts and took off. I wouldn't have bought black either but $2 a towel? Man. I put up with the color. I didn't find these in the stackout either, they were in the isle shoved to the side and probably not seen by shorter people. I didn't think they were the right style for the price but picked them up and price checked them and they were the right price!

These beautifully soft blankets (I got a light blue one as well) were so soft I was astonished at how many were still laying around when I showed up at 6:15. The lady who was shopping the stackout as I was standing there purchased about 10 of these blankets. She just picked up a great big box of them and went on her way. I chose this cute orange one for Alina and a light blue for Raziel and plan to sew fleece with their favorite cartoon character to the reverse and pattern sew it in the middle to help hold it together. I planned to do this anyway and it would cost more than I paid for this much fabric. Usually throws like this are $20 or so, depending on time of year. I paid $4 each.

Total spending: $38.41
Total approximated savings: $120

Man. They should let us do shopping like this more often!

Sad side note: the poor lady was that doing the same job Brent was doing, only at the store across town (loading the TV's into people's cars) got shot this morning. WHAT?!?! I know!! Essentially, to get your TV at Walmart, you buy the ticket and reciept and take it aound back and trade your ticket and show your reciept for the TV. This man drove up to the loading station at the store on the other side of town (thank God it wasn't Brent) and told the woman he wanted a 50" TV. She asked if he had his reciept and ticket. He said "I've got this" and showed her a gun. She said "okay" and got him his TV loaded up and everything. He shot her and left. What is the matter with people?!?! they were selling those for $600! $600 or someone's life!? And when he gets caught (because it's not like they don't have it all on tape) he'll spend life in prison for trying to kill this poor lady.... all over a TV


  1. Good deals! I CANNOT believe someone shot that poor lady! Did she die? Oh my word! :-(

  2. I don't know, I think she's in ICU