Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Today I came to work, I was even 10 minutes early. I have had a decent day but my stomach has been hurting a bit all day. I ate potatoes and brocolli with cheese for lunch and have been drinking water but I keep thinking there's something wrong with the baby or with me. Baby's moving around just fine, but I'm actually in alot of pain and it's that lower abdominal pain that is familiar to the end of pregnancy. I rolled down my leggings so they weren't putting any extra pressure on my belly, I've been drinking water and peeing regularly to make sure there's no blood or anything strange going on down there but I am definitly contracting or something. I wasn't sure until just now when I was sitting here thinking "well maybe I'm feeling better" and then I started feeling the tightening and pressure of a contraction.

Brent's not answering, niether is Pam or Becca so I can't get a hold of him at all. I called the OBGYN and left a message for the nurse but they haven't called back and I am getting more and more worried as time passes and I continue to feel badly. I initally thought I'd just eaten something bad but I'm positive now that I've got something more going on. It has been 48 minutes since I left a message and I am going crazy. I can't decide if I need to go home or if I'm just freaking out but chances are the doctor's gonna get me to come in being as how this is my third baby and I know what is normal and what's strange. My palms are sweaty and clammy I'm having hot flashes and I feel awful. I think I'm just gonna go home but I hate to just work a half day but gosh I'd hate for me to be stuck here in Cleveland if there really is something wrong... but i'd hate to leave early if it's really nothing but I know its not really nothing. I am loosing my mind and just need someone to tell me "just go home" but I can't get a hold of Brent and have him make that decision for me.

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