Friday, July 31, 2009

Show us your Life - Wedding!

Last week we 'showed' our wedding dresses over at Kelly's Korner. This week we are showing/telling about our wedding ceremony and flowers and such.

Well I didn't bring any pictures today.. I'll try to post some later (maybe Monday) but I wanted to join in the fun and tell you about my wedding.

My husband and I got married on the 3rd year anniversary of the exact day that we met. The wedding party walked into -- wait for it --- VIDEO GAME music. No, it wasn't tacky.

the first part of this is what it was... really pretty. My mom had a fit after the fact when everyone was asking what it was and she found out it was Final Fantasy theme music.... Oh well!

I had a dozen white, long stemmed roses. Each of my bridesmaids carried a single white long stemmed rose too. I actually just ordered roses - not bound, not arranged or anything. The lady thought I was crazy but I thought it was very natural and innocent seeming. It went with the whole wedding theme -- very classic, very innocent, very natural and not at all over-done.

The groomsmen all wore black slacks and white button down shirts. The bridesmaids all wore black tea length dresses - each different from the other to compliment their shapes.

My husband actually rented a real tux :-) he said he wanted to be different and distinguishable from the wedding party - one of the things that we'd both seemed to have noticed was how the groom and his men all looked the same at most weddings and you don't know who's marrying who!! So his party was very casual and he was really formal.

Everything was very simple. We had white rose petals and candles and ivy scattered around for decoration. I got married barefoot. Hubby was shorter than me at the time so he wore some clonker boots and he looked taller than me.

My hubby's aunt made hour-derves and served punch. We got our cake from a place called Irene's Cake & Candy and it was the BEST I've ever had in my life.

We only spent about $2000 because we paid for it ourselves. Even if I had a million dollars, I would have done it the same - the only thing I may have done differently would have been to gone to my hometown for the wedding so more people could have come. But, it's okay I think it was perfect anyway.


  1. I LOVED that music! How romantic and imaginative!

  2. David's going to be different too. He's renting a different style tux than the guys. Their's have long jackets (not super long, just longer than normal) and they will wear ivory shirts and black vests and ties. David's is a normal length jacket with a black shirt and ivory vest and tie to compliment my dress. His is also a different name brand too. His is Calvin Klein, I forget what their's is. Reasoning being, we liked the CK but it was more expensive to rent. So we got the less expensive one for the guys and since David's was free because we got them all there he got to get the CK one. They will all look amazing, as will the whole wedding party!