Monday, August 3, 2009

Things I love

I decided to share today about the things I love about my kids today.

1) The way Alina greets me in the morning. We leave her door closed at night, but she has a big girl bed so she usually gets up and plays before I wake up. She knocks on her door from the inside when she hears me up. This, I think, is adorable. Then, when I open the door, she acts surprised to see me and says "MOMMY!"

2) The way Raziel gets so excited when I fix him a bottle in the morning. It's almost like he hasn't eaten in days. I hold him on my hip and make him a bottle but he usually takes the top out of my hands before I'm done and chews on it until I have the formula mixed up.

3) The way they play together. They are so super adorable. Alina loves to tickle him and hug him and cuddle him. He laughs at her and watches everything that she does.

4) Alina's latest and greatest newest attitude display is so funny that there's hardly anything I can do to keep myself from laughing at her. She has taken it upon herself to be a mommy. The other night, she made dinner for me in her little microwave. She would cook it and then take it all the way from the kitchen (where I was with her microwave) to her room and her play fridge. She would point her finger at me and say "don't eat it yet, its too hot! Understand me?" and then march off to her room to cool it down in her fridge.

5) Alina's obsession with odd things. We made a play house for her out of a HUGE cardboard box. I cut windows and a door and everything for her, even put a roof on it. You know what the first thing she wanted to do was? Go potty. In her house. Not really, just for pretend. But the first thing she wanted to do was "go pee" in her very own bathroom. She won't go pee for me in the real bathroom when we try to potty train, but sure enough she wants to go pee for pretend in her own house.

6) Raziel's ability to keep me in shape. He has really started crawling and it's a disaster in 2 directions now. Alina's off and running one way and Raziel's crawling in the other. He wants to get into the strangest things -- DVD's, the VCR, candles, Becca's dialysis stuff, if it could hurt him or potentially be harmful, he's interested.

This morning they slept in a bit and I didn't wake them before I left. I miss them but I know they're having a blast with their daddy.

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  1. My mom used to make houses for me with boxes too! Those were the best!