Tuesday, July 14, 2009

*Sigh* String of Bad Days

So Sunday was awesome... We were shooting in the Marriott hotel for our movie and had news coverage and everything... but there were some frusterations.

#1) We had not counted on the She conference will Paula Deen. No one had mentioned it and I hadn't paid attention and essentially it came out that we were fighting for parking space with 6000+ old grumpy overweight women that had nothing better to do than pay $75 a person to listen to Paula Deen speak (and not even cook). Ok, so it might be a generalized and unfair profile of SOME of the women there, but that's what I saw the most of, anyway.

#2) Since we had to fight for parking, we were on floor #8 on the South side of the garage, and the restaurant was floor #2 from the north side, through a corridor and down another few halls. The equipment was very heavy but I made the decision that we should just bring it in all at once. There were 3 of us and it was a long walk so I figured we could handle it. What I didn't expect was for Brent to yell at me for 20 minutes while we walked because he had all the heavy stuff, or for him to still be mad at me today.

#3) To wait for 3 hours while the rest of my crew to show up, and the food to be delivered for the dinner we were shooting. Brent kept telling me we needed to start over and over but we couldn't do ANYTHING until we had #1 - a waiter or #2 - the food. The waiter was on his way from Atlanta. We had counted on the Mater-D (sp?) to want to participate but he was manager on Duty so he was too busy to deal with us at all. So I was yelled at and could do nothing.

Yesterday, I lost my keys in my store. I looked for them for 4 hours, even called everyone that had been in and looked at the security footage. All I can think is that someone picked them up and lied about it. But, it had my flash drive with my entire movie on it - all the pictures, the script, all the details I need to plan. I have paper copies of it all, and the script is already copyrighted but I'm just frustrated because we had to get the locks changed and I have to start from scratch on a flash drive and Brent wants me to tell him what we're shooting Sunday and I DON'T KNOW
because I don't have that flash drive.

So today isn't so great. Brent's still upset because his back hurts from the movie shoot equipment haul (he's got a bad shoulder from a long time ago). He's mad because I haven't got my flash and don't know what we're doing Sunday. And he's just being a jerk in general.

Sorry, I had to vent. I'm weepy and have been for 3 or 4 days now and I'm just too tired to try to be positive. Maybe you should leave a comment and remind me my day isn't that bad or something.

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  1. Sorry that Josh couldn't participate in our shoot as much as initially anticipated. Him being MOD (Manager on Duty) made it super easy for us to get everything that we needed for free, but it did pull him from performing. I hope you're not too bent out of shape about it. He did apologize about it.

    How did the footage look? I think that it was one of our best shoots - air conditioning, nice setting, eager folks, good actors. It all went pretty well once it got moving.