Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thought I wasn't missed

So I was under the impression that no one read by blogs and now I have had several people tell me "hey why aren't you blogging" so I'm back to the grind. It's nice to know that people actually want to know about my life! Besides, I'm excited about the "Show us your wedding dress" blog tomorrow on Kelly's Korner and had to make up for lost time so that I don't do it all tomorrow.

Yesterday I started planning the final shoot of our movie. This is a semi-depressing and yet semi-exciting concept itself. We are hoping to finish up this Sunday. There are very good sides to this: #1) I'll actually have days off again. #2) We won't have to hire/beg/borrow everyone in the world to babysit the kids and I'll actually get to spend time with them. I'm ready to have time to teach Raziel to walk and Alina to go potty. #3) I will have time to spend with my husband! #4) I will have time to clean my house. #5) I will have money to spend on things other than tape or props. We are going to be shooting the movie all day literally, 12 hours.

I'm pretty sure we're setting ourselves up for a day of hell -- I don't know if we can actually get it all done but I feel like its my responsibility as a director just to grit my teeth and get it done. I'm going to have to just be a jerk and tell people to do things and hope to God that they don't hate me when its done. Even if I make everyone mad, at least they'll have a week or two to get over it before the cast party! We have so much to do and its going to be so hard to get through it all but everyone's ready to be done. Brandon grew in a full beard for the part and bless his heart he's so ready to shave! Jon and Brent have been holding off all summer on loosing weight because they need to maintain their character's appearance. I do know that in future films, I will take like 2 weeks out and have everyone just vacation or something and do long shoots all day. I'll just take the kids to my mom for the week and get through it. I feel like that's an easier way to shoot a movie. I'd much rather work movie for 2 weeks and be done than drag it out over a summer like this.

Last night, Brent and I had a "date" night. We've decided that every Wednesday night is "my night" and every Friday night is "his night." Essentially, we've discovered that he and I have VERY different love languages and that things that I want to do and things that he wants to do are totally different. I feel just as loved and valued watching a movie and eating pizza with him as if we spent a ton of money and went out somewhere, but he needs to have a romantic setting -- even just a candlelight dinner and snuggling in bed. So it's his job to make my nights enjoyable for me and vis versa. He told me last night that he got into a discussion with two of our friends about whose job it is to make me or him happy. They said that its his job to keep him happy and my job to keep me happy and then we just are happy together. I don't know about everyone else, but I know that Brent and I spend a lot of time trying to make the other happy and it really seems to work. I love seeing his face light up when I've made a nice dinner or bought him a new game or cleaned the house for him and decorated to make it nicer for him. I feel so loved and valued when he tries to make me happy too. I really think that it's the best way to have a good marriage.

Oh and also last night I had my first beer. LOL Brent tricked me, actually. I've had wine and plenty of mixed drinks at dinner before, but he brought home flavored beer and didn't tell me what it was. I was halfway through the bottle when I read the back to see what was in it and it said Mango flavored beer. In my defense, it was nothing like the nasty beer I've smelled on people before, and it hardly tasted like alcohol, but I couldn't help feeling like a traitor for drinking beer when I've picked on so many people for drinking a cheap alcohol that is fattening, but I actually enjoyed it. Honestly I only got through about 2/3's of it. I take pride in that really. I just drink enough to enjoy it and then my legs start to get all relaxed and I get kinda giggly and incoherent and that's when I stop drinking. Brent drank a whole one and the rest of mine, and he just got a little giggly. Oh well. I guess we're too responsible to really be 22 year olds. I've never understood people that get hammered. We just don't drink a lot. I'd hate to be wasted out of my mind and like the house catch fire and forget to grab Alina and Raziel - or worse, be unable to get them because I can't get up myself. I'd hate to loose them or let them be hurt because I was too drunk. I guess I'm officially and old lady, then. I can't even get drunk without thinking about the possible consequences.

This morning I picked up a package that Helen Joy sent for Alina and I have to say that I was thrilled out of my mind because she sent me a bottle of lotion too. Silly that I get so excited about a little bottle of lotion, but I can't remember the last time that I've bought something for me - especially something so simply for fun like lotion. I left Alina's present all wrapped up for her to open, because she loves opening presents. I read HJ's blog the other day and saw what it was that she was sending and got very excited. I know Alina will absolutely love it! It's a little Larry the Cucumber that comes with dress up things - almost like a Mr Potato head, except its a Larry. I was afraid the mail guy wouldn't leave it in the box again so I took a 10 minute detour and picked it up on the way to work, which made me a little late, but it was really okay with me. I was so excited that HJ spelled Alina's name right (which hardly ever happens - people usually spell it Alaina which is silly because that's not how we say it at all but oh well). And I was thrilled that she even put a little note in there to say that she should stay in her car seat (which she still hasn't done to me, but Brent has pretty much disciplined obedience into her but is still having issues with Raziel, but we are getting a big boy car seat for him soon and it has like an airplane or parachute style harness on it so I think that will resolve the issues). Its so funny to me that even as a grown up I love getting personal mail, and I love getting presents in the mail. Its so fun to know that people think of Alina when they're out and about sometimes :-).

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  1. I've heard the thing about happiness too, and I agree with it for this reason: we are responsible for our happiness alone because we are the only person we can change and know perfectly. Its not that we are responsible for making someone else happy, because we can't if they are not content with themselves already. But it is love that causes us to want to make others happy. Its a devine gift from God that we can know what love is and I think it is one of the puriest and most wonderful things to want to do something to bring a smile to someone else's face, with the same token it hurts like hell when they are hurting. Example, I almost couldn't take not being able to be physically with David and holding him the other day when his ear was causing him excruciating pain.

    Less importantly, you only hear about hammered people because they are the ones that have the best stories... but I never sought to be drunk and most smart people don't, lol. I've been drunk all of one time, and I think I was only overly buzzed. This was one night when Chris insisted that he get me drunk because he couldn't believe a 24 year old had never experienced that. It doesn't make you old, just mature and smart enough not to do something stupid (simple I know, but sometimes its the best).

    I love reading your blogs, keep them coming.