Monday, July 27, 2009

My 10 don'ts and my NEWS!

I thought this was the coolest idea- I've always wanted to just tell everyone what I don't do :-) ---- as if you would be able to spend 10 minutes with me and not know.... but some of you don't get to spend ten minutes with me so -- here we are!

1) I don't wear pink. There may be two or three things I own that are pink and I wear them only when absolutely necessary -- like in front of the person that gifted it to me. (I do wear yellow and green!)

2) I don't usually eat breakfast. I just don't find enough time in the morning for it. However, I tend to have an early lunch (like 11:30) when I don't have breakfast.

3) I don't judge people for reading books I didn't like. I don't think its fair to decide what someone should or should not enjoy. Example: I am reading the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyers. Yes, I understand that those books are written for people 5-10 years younger than me, and that it is all fictional blah blah blah but I have to do something sometimes that lets my brain rest. I can't always be a grown up!!!

4) I don't keep a dirty fridge. It bothers me when theres something that smells funky, even when its brand new. If there is a point where I haven't had time to clean it, I can assure you, all the expired food is tightly sealed and separated from the good stuff.

5) I don't eat onions. I'm allergic. My husband didn't believe me for a long time because it's an odd allergy/sensitivity. I can eat onion powder and sour cream and onion flavored things. But, regardless of if I know its there or not, if there is chunks of onion in there - no matter how little - I will have a stomach ache that night.

6) I don't cook frozen veggies. Except broccoli. Canned is okay-- usually only corn. I don't know why.

7) I don't sleep past 8am anymore - even when the kids are still asleep and I don't have to work. I woke up this morning at 7:30 without the alarm going off.

8) I don't keep my clocks accurate. All the clocks in my house are about 15 minutes fast. It helps me be on time. It shouldn't - since I realize that they are fast -- but all the clocks are a bit off from each other -- one's 17 min, one's 13 mins, one's 20 -- so I just push to be out by the time I should leave according to the clock and I am always on time because I would usually be late!

9) I don't drink much liquor. I have talked about this previously on my blog.... I am 22 but can't hold more than a half of a beer or any other mixed drink. The only time I can actually finish a drink is if it is coke & rum. And usually, the bartender only puts a little rum in there for me, so I can actually enjoy the drink.

10) I don't tell moms that I don't know what to do with their kids. That is pet peeve #1 in the world for me -- when someone you've never met in your life and knows nothing about how you raise your children tells you what to do or how to discipline them. Ex 1: When Alina was newborn, we took her to the grocery store. It was early January, but she didn't care. She is hot natured like her daddy so I never kept a heavy blanket on her because I dressed her warmly anyway. I left her feet uncovered because she would get too hot otherwise. I had a grandmother telling me I needed to get some socks on my baby before she froze and got very upset when I stated that Alina was fine. Ex 2: A few weeks ago at the grocery store, the kids were too tired and I was worn out. They, of course, were grumpy and crying. Alina was throwing a fit because I said she couldn't have any more juice till we got home (literally 15 minutes away.) This mom looked at me like I was Satan himself for telling my child she had to wait. Then another lady whispered loudly to her husband that she would never let her children get so loud and rude in a public place. Well excuse me for having a 2 year old!! I wonder if people like that ever had children, or if its been a terribly long time or something.... (mommies reading this, leave your comments about this, tell me your stories!!)

My news:

I am pregnant!!

Yes, we planned it. Yes, we were trying. No, I don't know how far along I am. No, I don't know when she's due (we are guessing April). Yes, we are hoping for a girl. Yes, we have names picked out : Julietta Tamari (girl) or Lien Roth (boy)

but its a girl so the boy name is just for fun.
Hubby is trying to get me to agree to Dante Inferno if its a boy, but he tricked me into naming Raziel after a video game and its not happening again!! Well, okay, so Tamari is the name of a girl from an anime so I'm not sure how that's better, but Tamari means "keeper of the wind." I like it because of the spiritual depth to the word wind - meaning Spirit. I think it's a cool idea to name a child "the keeper of the spirit."

We are very excited. Alina is a genius - by the way. We told her she was going to have a sister. Brent told her that she is in mommy's tummy. Alina looked at me and then at Raziel and stated, very matter of factly "oh! The baby is in mommy's tummy and she will get big and come out like Raziel!" This impressed me because #1) she was 18 months when we had Raziel. That was almost a year ago. #2) she remembered Raziel being in my tummy and coming out of my tummy. (not that she was present in the room for the birth, just that she knew the baby came out)

Raziel isn't really big enough to communicate clearly enough with, but that's okay.

My goals before baby #3:

#1) Get some money saved up for financial struggles when I take leave. This should be doable since we're actually getting on our feet -- finally!

#2) Get the kitchen painted. I hate the colors it is now -- nasty red cabinets and rooster wallpaper. We are going to take down the wall paper, paint the walls "daffodil yellow" and the cabinets black. And finish my room - there's only one wall left to be painted.... And paint Raziel's room. When we moved in, the girl that had lived in that room painted it blood red and black and I've spent 2 years covering it with kilz and primer and everything possible but it's just not going to go white. I've finally gotten it to a pale, lightly tinted blue color, but I think that's the best its going to get. I want to do something cute in there -- Brent and I were talking about making it a Mario room (SNES style). This would be fun.

#3) Get Raziel walking. He's strong enough and fully able, but he isn't interested in walking - he gets in a hurry and starts to crawl to get anywhere, even when I'm trying to make him walk.

#4) Get Alina potty trained. I can't pay for 3 babies in diapers. I have 9 months -- that should give us 3 or 4 months to take a break and then 5 or 6 months to train. Its okay if that doesn't happen, but I'm gonna try for sure

#5) organize, sort and label all the outgrown and grow-into clothes I have for the kids. Also, clean out Raziel's closet which is basically junked right now and use his closet for kids clothing as well.

Thats all my goals for now :-) there will be more, I'm sure, but it's okay.


  1. Congrats on the new baby! That's awesome! I did not see that one coming!:-) How are you feeling?