Friday, July 3, 2009

Show us Where you Live Friday!

Today's Friday!! You know what that means!!

Well I refuse to show the world pictures of what my yard really looks like. The woman who sold us the house 2 years ago left it in disarray and I've been working my behind off to get it to an acceptable place but... here's the to-do list for fun!

1) Grow grass in dirt patch.
Our german shepard mix and 100lb puppy put all his energy into running in a circle in my front yard and wore down the grass. So I moved him to the backyard and am re-growing grass under that tree.

2) Hack down and mow the existing underbrush/jungle section.
Like I said, the lady hadn't taken care of the house and being as how we bought it when I was 9 months pregnant I wasn't enthusiastic about doing it myself. 2 years and 2 kids later I am working dilligentally on it but still have a section that will require a hedge trimmer to hack down before I can mow.

3) Expand my garden
I have a poor excuse for an herb garden including one basil plant and one rosemary plant. They're doing well but aren't getting big enough fast enough. I'd like to expand this garden.

4) Plant more roses.
I have one rosebush. It's super cute and does really well in all the sunlight in my yard. I love cutting fresh roses and decorating my table with them. I want more of these guys but their like $8 a pop and that just seems like alot for a pretty thing that stays outside.

5) Add trees. Specifically one of these guys.

6) I also want to expand our deck and get a nice pool - just the $200 kind at walmart that you blow up the ring and fill it up with water. But that's a long way and a lot of money off.

Thanks for visiting my wanna do yard list tour!! While you're here, stop by my July Giveaway! It's my last post to this blog.

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  1. A little bit at a time, I am finding that out myself. ;-) You have great ideas, I should plant a few rose bushes myself.