Thursday, January 28, 2010

Get Motivated


Today I feel like sitting around doing nothing. Frankly I have about 3 days worth of work to get done. While I'm at work.

I need to get ready for the shoot tomorrow night. That means cutting Brent's hair. Checking the shot list. Getting the equipment back. Sending photos of haircuts. Sending costume descriptions. Getting a sitter/sitting arrangement. Getting my kitchen clean - immaculate - for the shoot. Cleaning the fridge. The counters. Oh and the dishes... the piles and piles of dishes that I've yet to catch up on... Draining the water out the bottom of the dishwasher. Making the kitchen movie-set-worthy. Probably washing clothes so that we have the right costumes clean. Showering and shaving my legs (can I reach them? Not really)...

Oh and I need to start reading this book assigned by our Growth Institute teacher(Experiencing the Father's Embrace by Jack Frost). And I have a lesson in our discipleship book to complete. Oh and I was supposed to start reading the Psalms this week. And I really felt like I need to be reading that to Alina. (I've yet to do that...) Oh and yeah I've yet to do my random act of kindness....

And I need to pay the bills... and I need to call the morgatge company.... and I need to stop focusing on all the external thing and start focusing on spiritual matters and the things that are important. HAHAHA

I'm excited though because my friend Tamara has started cuponing and store-vouchering and is getting a bunch of things for REALLY REALLY cheap (like a $4 bottle of shampoo for like 50 cents) and is sharing the love. I'm going over to her place sometime this week and we're getting 3 packs of Huggies (the $9 packs) for $4.30 each. And she bought a 7lb spiral ham for me the other day for about $5 so I'm picking that up and baking it and putting most in the freezer. And, oh yeah, she got cheese from Kroger the other day and bought about $75 worth and paid $20 so she's just giving me about 5 8oz blocks of Kraft cheese.

I have acomplished taxes this week though! I got all the info and sent it off to John Leighton and he's filing them on Saturday! So that's something!

Oh I haven't even thought about the trip next weekend......

OK time to start working and stop talking about it!!

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