Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back to Life

why does everything hit all at the same time?

let me see... the floor waxers stole the deposit from Saturday off the counter on Sunday when they were in here... so Monday was spent looking in vain for something that was not here and explaining why the $400 wasn't in the bank (which was closed) and being yelled at and told to be more careful in future over something that I should not have to worry about. What's strange to me is my employer expects us to lock up the $400 deposit and $200 in cash but not to lock up the cases that hold $1000's of equipment worth. *sigh*

Um.... there's been a garnishment pending for ever on my wages because these people that I owe $1400 (yeah, that's all) to wouldn't take small payments and I didn't realize until too late that I could make small payments and they just had to deal with it (live and learn). I've since then learned that I can pay $10 a month and that's enough to prove to the court that I'm paying on it and they can't take further action, but I learned that all in retrospect to loosing the suit they placed against me and the garnishment being filed. Well I got notification of it like back in December, and our HR lady said she'd not seen it and she'd let me know when that happened.... so today it happened and just when I was expecting a decent check, and was going to be paying off the total sum in 2 weeks (with taxes) they start taking 25% of my pay. Yeah, you read that right. One forth of my pay. So, the upside is that I won't have to pay too much back by the time I get my taxes back. The bad news is I have to pay the mortgage in the meantime. which, I can't really do anything about until I see my paycheck. So there's no use worrying about it but you know me. *sigh again*

Saturday some girl who works at Walmart went up to management because she says Brent put the wrong oil in her car and Brent says she didn't ask for anything specific. Well the problem is, that after he got wrote up for scratching that car a few months back, management could fire him over this. It's been a few days since then but we don't know if that's just because they haven't had time to bother or not.... *sigh* He'd probably get severance pay, I've got medicaid for my pregnancy, and the kids could go on peachcare and we'd get foodstamps I'm sure... but we'd loose our spot in the daycare.... and potentially not get back in at all when he got a new job. No use worrying but again, you know me better than that. *heavy sigh*

And, turns out that stomach bug Alina had she gave to me, and that's probably what's been bothering me so much and being the reason I couldn't get out of bed, etc. I woke up at 5am and felt like puking and had awful stomach cramps and diarrhea and coulda sworn I had salmonella... had to take a hot shower for about 45 mintues before I could get back in bed. But Brent and I ate different lunches and dinners last night and he's sick to his stomach today too. So, I gave it to him I'm sure. And now he's grumpy and mad at me because I didn't ask him how his day was when he was on lunch because I was trying to handle the next problem on my list here... *sigh*

Which brings me to my final hoop-la in that we got our W-2's today and turns out that Walmart adjusted Brent to a family of 4 at the beginning of this year instead of leaving him as an individual on his W-4's. The deal is that when you list as just one person, the government takes too much during the year and then they give it all back at the end.... and that's what we're used to - $6000 in taxes back all at one time. That's how it was last year. That's how mine were filled out. His were adjusted apparently, because they only withheld like $300 in federal. So. Naturally when I saw his W-2 I thought it was wrong and spent about an hour trying to fix it... and was basically told to call someone else like 5 or 6 times (each new number I called would send me to another new number). And so I finally investigated by looking at his paystubs from the year and realized they really haven't been withholding much (if at all) so I called my tax-preparer John Leighton and talked to him about it and John says we'll be fine and get more than that back he's pretty sure, but we won't have to pay in for sure.... so that's that. But it means we're probably looking at about $2,000 less on our return... and that sucks.... so *sigh again*

And this week I'm supposed to be reading more scripture, preparing for our trip to SC, paying all the bills, working full time, taking care of my kids, and practicing love to people I regularly don't "love on" in an attempt to strengthen my character by practicing a fruit of the Spirit (for our growth institute cell group). And, for some blessed reason I feel called to practice a more loving attitude to the manager at my store because I've always been very negative towards him. And of course, today, his wife is in here chatting away and I think I'm exercising more patience than love. *sigh again and again and again*

God is good. I just have to remember that.

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