Friday, January 8, 2010

Snowy Frozen Day

Thursday called for 70% chance of snow with a high of 26 degrees and the lows below 10. Today called for flurries. It's a might cold... 18 degrees right now a bit past noon. 2 degrees after wind chill at Brent's work today.

We got about an inch of snow between yesterday afternoon and last night. I took pictures as this was the first snow that Brent was home to enjoy with Alina. Alina was super super grumpy for a while - I'm not really sure why she just felt like screaming and crying whenever she woke up from her nap. But, she and daddy made Jello and then went to play in the snow and she cheered up a bit (pacie and all).

She only played for about 30 minutes before she broke down in tears out of the blue and said she was cold and wanted to go inside and watch Ice Age. (funny that she's cold and wants to watch Ice Age)

They had a snowball fight. Daddy made snowballs and Alina threw them at him and he threw them back at her. Brent said the first one she hit him with made her little face light up and she laughed like it was the funniest thing she'd ever seen!

Its been so cold that we left the water running everywhere in the house but the water pressure is poor in some places because its freezing the pipes some anyway. We've had to bundle up an extra bunch - Alina had on leggings and a close fitting shirt under her normal clothes today. She wouldn't wear 2 pairs of socks for me but she gladly wore mittens and her jacket. Raziel's been so sick I was scared to bundle him too much - he's had the worst diareaha ever. I changed him every 2 hours yesterday and put baby powder on him and everything, even got up and did it once in the night. His diaper rash is so bad that he screams and cries so hard he shakes when I go to change him - it breaks my heart. But, he's gotta get cleaned or it'll get worse. If I go more than about 2 hours without checking him his diaper explodes all over his clothes and blankets and everything he comes in contact with. So, I just left him in his fleece PJ's and brought clothing changes to the sitter today and that seemed to be enough for him under his heavy jacket. I hope he gets better soon, this getting up in the night is too much for me and all this diaper rash is too much for him. :-/

I've finally accomplished that whole to-do list from the other day. I'm very proud of myself. I even got all the paperwork I needed faxed over to HIPP so that GA Health Dept can look at re-imbursing us for our health care costs. It may only be $70 a month but every little bit counts. I do need to call back my OB about taking iron pills.... I don't want to do it but I've been so tired lately that it's very possible I just need to buckle down and do it (yuck).

Ok. I'm done for now. I need to go clean up at work. We did inventory the other day and haven't finished re-organizing since then, and I can't find anything.

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