Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Got my hands full

Seems to be that everyone says that to me these days. When I called my precious g-parents I found out that they hadn't been told at all about Judah until a week or two ago and I couldn't believe it! Surely -- surely, my dad would call them up to announce another great-grand.... I guess not. But, even my blessed wonderful granpa said "wow, you're gonna have your hands full." Everyone seems to say that - strangers, family, friends. Oh well, I guess I probably will!

Today has been interesting. I got ALOT of my to-do list done... not quite all, though. I still need to re-schedule my ob appt and there was something else..... hmmm.... but I did start some laundry. When I finally got home last night the kids were both already asleep and I just stuck them in their beds and turned on the heaters and they slept just fine. I was FREEZING last night for a while until my eagle scout asked if I'd worn those socks all day and told me that they were holding moisture and I needed to take them off. Its wonderful to be married to an eagle scout when the house's insulation isn't the best. He tells me that the secret to being warm is wearing as few clothing items as possible (or none, really) and snuggle up under the blanket. Your body heat will be trapped by the blanket and you'll be warmer faster. The problem with this arises whenever you have to get out of the bed to pee or to get up in the morning.... because the warm doesn't come with you :-/ I tell Brent this is just a ploy to have me wear less clothing and he says that he finds that amusing because he used to tell it to 11 year old boys at scout camp and he hopes that I don't really think that's the case. LOL.

We tried to put the dog in the shed last night so he'd stay warm while it dropped below 10 degrees... he got out anyways and went across the street to cuddle with the in-laws dog. Can't blame him, I would do it too! But poor thing had ice chips on his fur when we brought him in this morning. He's such a good dog, Brent didn't have to keep him on a leash or anything while they were going in and out the house all morning... he just hollers and Odin recognizes something (not sure what it is because he's pretty darn deaf) and comes running up to him every time.

The current battle has been keeping warm at home... the insulation is just awful, the heating and air is too expensive to run because it's not working right... and we're out of firewood (which is expensive too). So, we use space heaters and we've borrowed Pam's radiator and we do all right but it's still pretty daggum cold... even if the heat was running all day, we'd still be cold - we've got 70% chance of snow on Thursday and it hasn't been above 30 degrees all week long. I saw some thing about weatherization the gov't is doing but I haven't had the time to try and see what it is or how it works much less apply and go through an interview for it. I know that it's created to weather-proof the homes of people that aren't well-off-enough to do it themselves... which sounds great but man that means I have to fill out an app and talk to the gov't etc etc etc etc etc. sigh.

I did start a load of laundry.... and I took the trash out of Raziel's room, though not to the dump yet. Razzy was sick yesterday when I got him from the sitter, he'd thrown up all over himself.... Alina had that little stomach bug while we were on our trip to FL -- effectively puked all over me right when I was discovering the bathtub in our hotel that was big enough to fit 3 adults into (not that there'd ever be a need for that as far as I can tell!). I was sick on Saturday night too... and Brent had it on Thursday night. So, I guess it's a 24 hour puke-once sort of thing, and today Raziel's doing fine. I even called mid-way through the day today to check on him and he's doing just perfectly normal, so I'm glad. I hope the kids don't get as exhausted as I was Sunday (couldn't get out of the bed). So, the point of this long confusion is that it's been so cold that the clothes that were wet from when I washed Alina's puke out in the tub were frozen when I threw them in the wash LOL

wow I'm random today and I can't really focus. I'm gonna end this rambling.

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  1. Beth, I have seriously thought about your family so much lately. I cannot imagine not having heat. I almost feel guilty for being warm sometimes. A couple of days ago, we stayed at a house of a friend and the electricity went off. It got down to 40 degrees in the house (20 outside). It was terrifying. We had to put Barclay between us and it was just awful. I hope it warms up for ya'll soon. You're such a good mommy to do all you can though.