Monday, January 11, 2010

New Years Pictures

Us with Brent's family (mom and siblings) BACK: (L to R) Clint, Pam, Rebecca, Jessica
FRONT: (L to R) Alina, Beth, Brent, Raziel. Raziel was so funny, he just stuck that spoon in his mouth and he laughed so hard when we took the picture he almost fell over!!

My new desktop background. I love this picture. Couldn't get Raziel to be happy without something in his mouth, but at least its a picture of something other than the top of his head!

Raziel in a Christmas bag full of goodies, eating the bows and playing with them

This picture is adorable and I love it! No red eye, got a smile, everything. Her hair isn't even in her face!!


  1. Clint's hair is so so long, its nuts. Everyone looks great! I love the picture of Alina, so adorable:) Welcome to 2010!

  2. What a cute family you have! You're looking great!