Monday, January 25, 2010

Sick sick sick sick

OK so I finally get over the whole "oh my life is confused" feeling that I brought home from the weekend and I start taking my iron supplement (as required by my OB) and I'm sick as a dog. I hardly pull myself out of bed Saturday morning and I get to church on time Sunday only to come back home after about 45 minutes because the kids were grumpy and I was not feeling up to chasing them around the church or holding them hostage and letting them scream.

I went home and laid in bed for 4 hours. Raziel took a good long nap after playing in his crib for a while. Alina laid down for about 15 minutes and then came and told me she was awake. So, for my 4 hours I slept for about 15 minutes and then was read to and talked to by Alina. She was sweet for a while and then played on the floor with her piano and blocks and so forth. It could have been more restful... Oh well.

I cleaned nothing, I did no laundry, I washed no dishes. The most productive thing I did was bathe my children and give them haircuts. Raziel needed a full on haircut, and Alina we just trimmed about 2 inches off the ends of her hair (mostly because she wanted a haircut too). It's still mid-back length; hers was almost to her little waist. And by the time I was done with bathing them and cutting their hair I was exhausted and went back to lay down on the couch.

I'm gonna call my OB today because I can't do this at all. I've got too many things on my agenda to lay in bed because I feel horrible. But I didn't feel well enough to not lay in bed.

I'm super excited about the shower -- Brent got permission to have the weekend off, they fixed his schedule. And, my BFF from when I was like 12, Helen Joy George, might be in Charleston that weekend and will come to the shower if she is and is available!!! I am delighted out of my mind! What a wonderful addition to an already wonderful event :-)

OK so on top of it all, we may have offically changed the baby's name to Judah Aiden. Which I think is beautiful and it means "little fire of praise" and that is just straight up cool! Anyway, we'd pretty much been talking about how Brent didn't want to use the name Dante if we weren't calling him that (which I'd rather become attatched to the name but oh well!) and he suggested Aiden which is one that I'd been thinking about so I think that's it! Now the next kid's gonna be a real odd ball and not have a middle name starting with the letter A.... hmmm I'll have to be creative. But, we're talking about the girl name Tamari Sahara and that's just pretty too and would effectively break the A middle name thing I have going currently.

OK thats all for now, I need my sonic ice for the day.

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