Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nailed him!

I sat and watched DVR footage forever today to find the footage of when the money is stolen and I found it. It's pretty damning evidence, though you don't actually see him take the money out of the bag... Basically you see me put the cash in the deposit bag, lay it on the counter and lock up when I leave on Saturday. Sunday they come in and the kid (eventually) knocks the bag and paperwork off the counter. He crouches down, paperwork goes up right away and he turns his back to the camera and messes with the deposit bag pretty extensively. Bag goes back on counter, he goes around the counter and shifts a stool that was turned upside down on the counter so it covers the bag. Kid moves the stool around 2 more times, and at the end of the day when the stool is put down on the floor, the deposit bag is missing. He's the only one that touches it the entire time.

This was very relieving to me because #1) I know I didn't take it. but #2) they didn't know that I didn't take it (for sure, anyway).

And, why would you go through all the trouble of preparing a deposit if you weren't depositing it? And why would you go through all the trouble of sneaking around and hiding the bag if you didn't take it?

But, it's really nice that we have a security camera and my desk is right in front of it and all so you can see me put it in there and leave it and you see the kid messing with it. It's wonderful really, because it's plain and clear that I didn't do it and the LAST thing I need right now is to be suspected of theft. And, seriously, if I was gonna steal a deposit I would take like a $2,000 one, not $400 but lol oh well. Theives are stupid, really.

Well, I'm pretty glad that I found the actual footage of it all. It's a big relief. and I just wanted to tell someoene else about it because I feel strange chatting on about it at work - like I'm almost too glad that we see the kid knock it down, you know? So I'm not talking about it anymore, but I'm exploding to tell someone about how I proved my innocence so I'm pretty much stoked.

OK, I'm good now. LOL. Thanks for listening.

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  1. I'm SO glad that got him. How awful to feel suspected!