Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Life Lately

Man things have been pretty dull which is why I haven't been blogging much. I did stumble across the coolest little thrift store ever -- It's mostly a kids thrift place but it's actually really inexpensive. I bought a brand new - with the manual and everything - carseat for Raziel for $20. She had bassonets for like $25, pack and plays for $35, full stroller sets (stroller, base and carseat) for $70 and so on and so forth. I think I'll be shopping here alot. She also had a bunch of toys and clothes that were very reasonably priced. Even Leapfrogs and Vtechs for like $8. I told Brent we'll be Christmas shopping over there. I was pretty excited to find this place before baby 3 comes.

Speaking of - I am still trying to get over to a clinic and take an offical test so that they decide I'm pregnant and thereby get Medicaid. As soon as that happens, I can get in to the OBGYN and find out due date and baby gender and so on. She's already moving around a little bit.. which its weird because I was pretty darn sure I wasn't that far along but man... I'm guessing I'm at 20 weeks since that's usually when you can feel the baby move... that would be approx 4 1/2 months. Only thing is that Brent can feel her too... so we might be further than that... most moms report their partners can't feel baby until 24ish weeks. I'm starting to show a little bit too. Jeans aren't uncomfy yet but dress pants are for sure... and that goes along with the 24 week bet since I'm not overweight and it's not my first baby. But then that means I'm halfway through my pregnancy?? I guess I've known since like August so I've known for 3 months... and if I was 2 months when I found out... Gosh, it just seems so fast and too soon. But then if I remember right the date of my last cycle was mid June so I'd only be 15 weeks.... and due in March.... I just don't know lol I give up guessing.

Well on another note, I have 40 hours of paid time off to use in the next 2 and a half months. I'm taking 3 Fridays in November off -- the weekends I'd already have off so basically I'll have off Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 3 times in November. I'm also taking off Christmas Eve and New Years Eve (Christmas and New Years Day are regular holidays). I'm really excited about it. Brent wanted me to just take a week off but he wouldn't have time off to spend with me, so I'm just taking 3 4 day weekends and it's almost like having 3 weeks off!! I'm hoping that mom/family comes to visit one of those weekends so that I can hang with them some - I can't go to SC because Brent doesn't have time off like I do... Mine is reset every January, his isn't reset until August, so he only has 20 vacation hours. He isn't paid for personal days off like I am so... he has to work. But I think I'll talk someone into coming to visit so I'm not bored out of my mind. I don't know what I'll do all November with all that extra time off! It's a strange thing to actually be allowed to have time off during the holiday season.

Well anyways. That's about all from me for now. I'm tired of writing lol.

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