Friday, October 16, 2009

Children's Murals & Paintings

Over at Kelly's Korner we're showing off what we make in our personal businesses (for mommys that want to go Christmas shopping early). I've been trying to really lift my business off its feet for a while and get it going - maybe this is just the boost it needs!

Creative Kids Murals
Basically we come into your home and have a consultation about what you'd like to do to your child's room. We supply all the paint and it usually takes about 8 hours to produce what you've requested - depending on how complex the request is.

This mural was done in a little girl's nurshery before she was born. The parents requested that it look specifically like a child drew it - hence the cartoonish feel. (I couldn't get far enough back to show her legs and the flowers and grass along the floorboard)

The sun is in the top right corner of the mural - you can just see the edges in the first photo.

Companion butterflies/dragonflies are painted in various spots throughout the nurshery to help combine the mural with the rest of the room.

Murals are available in Northern GA and Eastern TN. If you're kinda close to here, just email to find out more info and see if it would be possible to have one of your rooms transformed into a keepsake. Prices range from $75 to $200 and include all supplies and prep work needed on the room as well as the mural itself.

For those who don't happen to live in our area (which is most of you proabably) I also paint children's paintings. The photos shown below are great for the nurshery suggested to be purchased AFTER baby's birth or once they're a little bit older (in case your precious Lauren Grace turns out to be a boy!)

This is an 8x11 canvas. Price: $18 (free shipping)

Check out the details - the cute little polka dots and the nice texture to the background.

You can have your child's name, initials, or nickname handpainted on canvas to display proudly in his/her room. This is also great for family names, newlywed couples, and cute little sayings you'd like to display.

And - newly available - Send a photo of your child's favorite cartoon, book, or movie character and get an 18X16 portrait of the character! Character portraits: $35 (free shipping)

Mention this blog and recieve 20% off your first order!

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