Monday, October 5, 2009

Good & Bad

Today has been full of good and bad things

My boss is loaning us $400 to fix our Neon. Brent worked on the transmission on Friday and it's not the problem (THANK GOD!) but did deduce that we need a new fuel pump ($205), a new oil pan ($90) and a new set of spark plug wires ($85) in addition to the new tires it has been screaming for. Well, $400 may not cover it all but it's a start. We decided we'll buy used tires with some decent life left in them, or else a low end new tire. He wanted to get the long-life ones but they're $100 a tire and that's all the money we have. A used tire will cost around $35, and that's going to be our only option for now. We also need an alignment ($60) and someone to look at our suspension (cost unknown). Well, $400 might not cover it all but it's a start for sure and, next paycheck we already had $100 set aside for car repairs so there ya go. It's so stressful to spend that much on the car but at least it's not the transmission!!

I woke up at 9:00 and it was one of those mornings that you go "CRAP" the second you wake up. I realised I was supposed to be at work (30 minute drive) at 9 to open instead of 10. This only happens once every two weeks so my boss wasn't too upset about it, in fact he defended me to my co-worker (who didn't have a key but does now!) and said I usually come in at ten. I love working for a little family business!! It was a "I'm wearing the same thing I've got on, give me my uniform shirt and socks I'm out the door" kind of day.

That's really all for now. We were pretty busy at work so I just have to go finish up and then go home for the night!

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