Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lunch with an Almost-Stranger

Well I guess that's the best way to describe it, really.

I met Annette Webb a few weeks ago when she had problems with her phone. She came into my store and I fixed it for her. Then about two or three days ago she came into my store asking how to get files from her past phone records and I've been working out with subpeona compliance to get her records for court. Today she called me bright and early when I got into the office and asked if I wanted to do lunch. I was sort of caught off guard... sure, I've been nice and everything but didn't think she'd want to do lunch or be like my best friend or anything! So I told her I was really broke and she said she'd pay so I accepted because I really didn't want to be rude and she's nice enough anyway.

She came over just after 12 and we went to a local Mexican resturant and had Pollo Loco (basically mexi rice, chicken and cheese sauce. My ABSOLUTE favorite) and just chatted about her life, my life, and the crazy guy that's taking her to court. She moved here from Missouri and really doesn't know anyone besides crazy man that she used to have a relationship with (and doesn't anymore). So it was interesting... I can't remember the last time I've made friends anyone really that I totally didn't know or know anyone that knew them. It was definitly a new experience but I really enjoyed lunch and agreed that we should do it again sometime. I didn't expect to actually have alot of conversation that was of substance because she's in her 30-somethings and I'm like 22 but she was really talkative and I am too (LOL) and conversation just flowed.

So I've got the whole subpoena situation taken care of now, the files are on the way to the court and I'm no longer held to the situation. We'll see if I ever see her again. It's interesting, you know? I wonder if we'll ever be friends for real.

Now, I have crazy woman in here - her name is Karen. She's bi-polar or something, I'm not kidding either. She's begged, borrowed and stolen from Bob (my manager) and taken advantage of him at every chance she can. She has so many issues it's not funny. And today, she's back in here borrowing his phone to make some calls. She picked up 2 pregnant high schoolers down the side of the road and told them to get in. They asked to go somewhere they could buy drugs, then to go to the pawn shop to sell some jewlery. She wouldn't take them to either place. She took them to her house, fed them and gave them something to drink, and then brought them here - why? I'm not really sure. She came in here talking about picking them up and how they were pretty and she wasn't taking them to the pawn shop everything and this weird man that was in here paying his bill went outside, told them something (my guess is he'd take them wherever they wanted to go) and they got in his car and left. Since then, Karen's been in here hollering and fussing about how she can't do all that.

My work can be so complicated sometimes - and the problems are never really mine. It's only on rare occasions, but today is one of those days that's just stupid crazy.

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