Thursday, October 15, 2009

Christmas is the Time!

Ok I know it's the 15th of October (thank God, we hit payday!) but lately all I'm thinking about is Christmas!! So today I have compiled a list of what we're planning to get for the kids. I would include what I'm getting Brent but he reads my blog from time to time and I don't want to give away anything!!
(Oh, BTW - the baby is moving around alot today! She's getting so big! I can feel her little feet kicking and little body wriggling around. I am so happy to be able to feel her so well. I am actually starting to feel pregnant! Which I hand't for a while because the most I remember about being pregnant is being like 7 or 8 months and watching the baby move around and stuff, so the first little bit is strange because I know mentally I'm pregnant but for some reason I don't think I am very often! LOL I'm so weird.)

So Alina's big present this year is one of these guys

All she's wanted lately is to play on the computer. Mommy's computer. Daddy's computer. Nene's computer. Anyone's computer. Problem being - a computer isn't really geared for an almost-3-year-old. So, we told her that we would get her a computer that was hers. She was so excited when we told her this - and it was about 3 weeks ago but she still asks about it. We tell her she will get it on Christmas and she asks if that's on Thursday (LOL). I love her concpet of time!

Also, I have painted (yes, freehand on a canvas) LarryBoy. I will upload a photo of the painting itself if I remember to, but this is the picture I copied from.

She saw it when I was letting it dry and got REALLY excited, she even showed Daddy as soon as he got home from work 2 hours later. Brent said I'm gonna have to get better about hiding things but seriously, it's October! She won't remember and even if she does she'll be excited anyway! I think I'm gonna paint another one - possibly dora or Ice Age or the Ninja Turtles.

I also found a learning set for Pre-K kids at my new favorite kids thrift store - it's got this card set but has 5 or 6 different things and includes crayons and stickers too. It's geared for kids 3 and up so I thought it would be great for Alina. I paid $6 for it.

Besides this, we're getting a few other learning things; Books, Coloring sheets, crayons, learning videos, and puzzles.

See the wooden ones in front on this pic? I want to get some like that. She's already got one similar to the one in the bottom right with the dog on it, but I want some like the others where there's more pieces and she has to fit them together a little bit, but not as much as box puzzles (shown behind).

The last thing we know we want to get for her is a season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Brent and she netflixed the first disc of the first season and have LOVED it. I remember watching a few of the episodes on VHS when I was little but it was cool to see Alina enjoying them with Brent so much.


So Raziel is quite a bit harder because he's only starting to show favor to some toys and things over others. But, we've got a few ideas. (not nearly as many ideas as we do for Alina but it's a place to start anyway)

1. Big Ball

Raziel has started playing in Alina's room alot so I get out toys I think he'll enjoy from time to time. If you had Raziel a ball - big or little - he will just sit there and hold it happy as a clam. Brent's gotten him to kinda toss it back and forth a bit -- though Raziel really just holds it out to Brent and drops it because he can't figure out how to throw quite yet. So, I want to get him at least on big ball for Christmas because I think that'll be awesome. He needs some toys that are his and not Alina's. Not that she won't hand hers down but she still plays with them so its only fair.

2. Building Blocks
As long as I can remember, Raziel has had an obsession with boxes and blocks. He loves holding them and chewing on them. It's funny that Raziel holds the things he likes... almost like he's afraid to put it down or else he'll loose it. Anyway, I want to get him some blocks. Alina has one set that was given to her by David & Sarah last year that they like to play with together, but 10 blocks isn't enough for Raziel. He wants every box in sight! I want to get a wooden set like my mom had for us as kids but everything now-a-days is plastic or cardboard. I guess I'll be looking for a while... maybe ebay.

3. Tigger (or tiger)
I'm not sure exactly what tigger we're gonna get for him but I want to get him something tigger related. Alina has been Daddy's princess as long as we can remember, and Raziel is his little tiger. I might find some stuffed animal for him because he really likes the two that he has and Alina's not allowed to share. Speaking of, I'm totally going to go through Alina's stuffed animals and get rid of ones that aren't special and that she doesn't play with because she has a HUGE box of them... but the problem is ALOT of them are special gifts from people... so I won't be able to thin it out that much.

That's all for now.. I'm tired of typing and in need of chocolate. Much love you guys!

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