Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Alina Slept!!

So I was so terrified to leave a space heater on all night - that's such a big fire hazard, you know? And of all places to have a fire hazard, my baby's room? NO WAY! So Brent suggested to let it run for a while and warm the room and then switch it to the fan function on the space heater. He said it was probably that she's used to the noise of her fan and now that we aren't using her fan she wakes up because of the lack of white noise.

So. I ran the heat for a while, crept in and switched it to the fan, and when I got up to give Raziel a bottle at 7am, switched it back to heat. She slept so well that I had to actually wake her up at 8:15 and tell her it was time to get ready to go. She smiled big and got up and got her little cup of Fruit Loops off her little table and climbed back in bed to eat them while she watched Raziel play. Both of them were in such good moods this morning!

Now I just need to figure out where my other 2 space heaters got put away and I can do the same in Raziel's room and our room... getting the rooms toasty so we don't all freeze! Brent and I have decided that Raziel doesn't seem to have the same fondness for the cold that Alina does. She has always been just like Brent in this way -- even when she was an itty bitty baby she didn't want socks on in the winter because she would get too hot and be really fussy because of it. Raziel, on the other hand, is like me. Cold? No thank you. I'd perfer warmth and no chill. His little hands get all bluish purple in the mornings - and he can't wait for us to pick him up and hold him. It's really funny because if he'd just keep his hands under the blanket, he'd be fine, but he pulls it up around him and holds the edges - much like I do and have since I was small.

Something I've noticed in the process of swapping from summer to winter clothes is the following. Raziel (13 months) is wearing 18mo clothes. Alina (34 months) is still wearing 2T/24mos - and some are too big. LOL I can't get over how big Raziel is compared to Alina. She is so itty bitty and he's getting bigger by the day! I pulled out his little halloween costume that was 9 months and I was so sure would fit him and it turns out it's really too small! He wore it last night (cuz its like a fuzzy footie pajama thing with a little hoodie and a little tail) and I hope it stretched out enough for him to wear it in 2 weeks because he's adorable in it. If it's really too little, I have Alina's 18mo monkey costume from last year and I know that will work.

The upside to this is that we started inheriting clothes when Alina was 18 months and so we have some boyish things that Raziel can wear - sweaters and jackets specifically. So they both have a light and heavy jacket as well as regular long sleeved clothes and footie pj's. I have to figure out what I'm gonna do with Raziel because now that it's winter he's peeing alot in his sleep again and everything (including jammies) are getting wet and therefore cold. I can't remember if I changed his diaper at 7 when I got a bottle... I know I did at 8:20 right before we left... but I don't really know what to do besides dry diaper when I put him down and then change all his clothes and sheets and blankets. But at this rate I'm washing his clothes every other day because he's only got 3 pairs of footie pj's!

That's life for now.

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