Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thoughts from my Job on a Saturday

Well I've been Facebooking all day and David and some other peeps that work for the company I work for have been all conversating about stupid arguments we have with customers so I decided to blog on it. (I have nothing else to do, LOL)

So -- for anyone who decides to go into a service repair/ sales center for your cell phone, let me crash course you on what to expect!

1. If you broke it, you will have to pay to have it replaced.
-- your insurance (if you have it) covers the phone quitting, not you running it over with your car, dropping it in a pool, your child's drool damage or your dog ingesting it. These are considered physical damage (wonder why) and you pay a deductible!! That's right ladies and gents -- its just like your car or medical coverage. If its your fault, you're gonna pay a little bit!!!

2. No, we do not give away things for free.
-- It amuses me the sob stories that I hear on a constant basis, as if they'll make a difference. I feel like telling my customer "I'm sorry you're cheap but I'm not giving you a charger for free." It gets worse. People try to justify why they should get the product without paying; example: # of lines or # of years they've been with Sprint. Frankly, I don't know if they understand this or not, but I DON'T CARE!!! You pay your bill to Sprint, not to me. When you buy an accessory, you pay me. We paid to get it from Sprint, you pay to get it from us. Want something free? Call customer care and they can laugh at you, too. And, as far as phones are concerned, only some of them are free, usually after a mail in rebate, and it's ONLY with the 2 year contract!! If you don't want to stay with Sprint for another 2 years, we aren't giving you something for free!!!

3. I don't care what the guy at the other store said!
-- Well, I guess it would make a difference at some places, but we aren't connected to the other stores in the town at all except that we both sell the same product. They're our competition. Additionally, the other guys aren't service centers so I don't really care if they said I could fix it in the store, would replace it for free, etc! It doesn't make it true or legit! If he said we'd fix it free then let him fix it. And, the other guys (not being service centers) just don't know what they're talking about. You ran over your phone with a pickup truck? I'm sorry. I can't fix stupid.

4. Simply because someone on the phone told you it should be this way, doesn't mean it is.
-- This one's a bit trickier but for the love of all that is good, please understand this!!! Let's start with my favorite example. I had a customer come into my store and tell me Sprint said he could have a new top-of-the-line touchscreen phone and that it would be covered and not cost him anything. Well, that's all well and good, and lovely that they said that but -- #1 it doesn't mean I don't have to verify that. #2 It doesn't mean I don't have to ask my regional supervisor's permission to do so once verified. #3. It doesn't mean I can do it this instant. You may have to wait till I #1 get permission or #2 get the appropriate phone in stock.

5. This is not Wal-mart. Please don't be trashy and pushy and threaten to take your business elsewhere. If you don't like it, leave. I DON'T CARE where you pay your bill! I don't care where you change your plan. All I care about it where you buy it and since you didn't buy it here (most cases) I am only being nice by helping you at all. Oh, and sir? yes, you, the fat man in the corner complaining about the abilities of your 8350i blackberry. You may pay $100/month for the simply everything, and you may think that makes you special. But guess what- a lot of people do that -- its just cheaper! And, know what else? You bought that phone on e-bay, so don't complain to me about the fact that it doesn't have Sprint TV (a function you admittedly don't even use). Yes, if you'd asked, I would have told you that we don't have any phones that support everything that the everything plan has -- you get everything but you have to pick between a walkie talkie or the TV. But, you didn't ask. And, you know what? It's still cheaper for you to have the everything plan because any other competitor is going to charge you $100 for unlimited voice, $20 for unlimited text, $15-30 for unlimited data, $25 for unlimited walkie talkie, and that handy extra $40 blackberry charge that's just there to make money on you. So I don't really care if you're upset that you "pay" for TV and can't use it. We're still $115 cheaper than everyone else.

Ahh... I feel better. Too bad I can't post that on my wall in my store. LOL I think I'd get fired when my upper area supervisors came to visit. Oh well. We'll keep it on the internet for now.

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