Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

I had a LOVELY weekend off!!

Well, I worked Saturday, but Sunday and Monday was a very nice break and I have off this next weekend (Sat, Sun & Mon) as well!

Sunday we got up bright and early, took baths and got dressed and then realized that Daddy had stolen Raziel's car seat!! :-D so we just hung out all day. We straightened the house a little bit and that was really all! No laundry, no dishes, and no lawn mowing because it was rainy. Instead we watched TV and played and didn't take naps... well, Raziel took a 3 hour nap but Alina opted out and read her books for about an hour before she decided she was "awake" again.

We had dinner at Nene's and practiced walking with Raziel. He took 5 or 6 steps several times between me and Brent. He's so funny - he gets so excited and runs for the goal and practically falls to the goal person in the process. I remember when Alina would fall down and sit and clap because she fell on her little diapered butt. She would clap and smile and be so proud of herself. Raziel does a very similar thing - he claps when he stands up before he walks. This is so adorable. He stands up, gets his balance (with help), claps his hands and smiles his adorable toothy grin and then takes off running. Then he falls to the target and stands back up and claps again. Alina has been so intent on helping, and she is so proud of Raziel. She says "he's walking!" like its a miracle. I guess it really is -- I can't believe they're both getting so big so fast.

Monday, Brent was off and Uncle Tyler came over to play video games. Alina and Raziel (thank God!) took a 3 hour nap and I actually had to wake them up! They went down around 12:30 and didn't get back up till it was almost 4 and I realized they still weren't awake playing in their respective rooms! I took the most amazing 30 minute nap of my life (Not kidding either) and watched the guys play video games for a big portion of the day, drinking Mountain dew and eating grilled cheese. It was nice. We hung out at Nene's alot and I had a girls night over there after the babies went down.

We watched Confessions of a Shopaholic (reason Brent and Tyler opted to return to their video games... I guess Army of Two is a bit more manly than the movie we picked). I really enjoyed the watching of the movie but looking back it was pretty stupid. If you've watched it recently, ask yourself the following questions. Why would a businessman send multiple people to an auction and bid-war with himself, a hundred dollars after everyone else drops out? Doesn't that just make it more expensive for the same result? Also -- the Saver magazine editor got mad and fired the girl when #1) she was lying about her debt and #2) she was using their small time mag to get a job at a more prestigious one. Looking at this, let's be reasonable! A mag editor is going to understand that if they aren't top dog, their journalists are going to want to work for the one that is!! Also, a financially based magazine should realize that their prime focus group is, indeed, the indebted, and that their journalists might know about money (or pretend to in her case, really) because they have made mistakes. These were his reasons? I felt like the thing that he should have been angry about was the fact that she had so little handle on her personal financial situation that it came public on a morning talk show making the magazine look bad. I don't think debt collectors get that crazy and rude, but hey - it was for story sake. If you're going to go that far - have the editor get mad about the way that the talk show fiasco affected (or could have affected) his mag'z business and sales instead of the fact that she was a fake. Anyway, besides that, it was a good movie with good clothes and good shoes :-) I'd give it 3 stars really. Enjoyability about a 4 but plot was weak and could've been fixed very easily. It's like they didn't show it to a focus group before release.

That was my weekend -- wonderful and relaxing. Hubby actually loaded up his car to take trash to the dump (hallelujah!) and asked me to make a list of things that need to be done around the house -- daily, weekly, and biweekly/monthly. I am thrilled out of my very mind! I really think if we follow my little 4 or 5 things per section, we won't have to spend significant time cleaning up on our days off (the point, obviously). I didn't do any laundry or any more dishes after Friday - and that was nice. I needed to do some, but once in a while, its nice to just have some time off.

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