Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Monster in the Window

Last night, Alina was all snuggled down in her bed to go to sleep. We'd gotten home a little late and I was worn out so I just plopped Raziel down with a bottle of milk and cuddled Alina into her bed, sang a few lullabies and told her good night.

After a little while, Brent got home and we had chili for dinner. I never used to think I liked chili - maybe it was the home made recipes that are always at potlucks. But, if it's VanCamp canned chili heated up on the stove, I'm game. Throw a bunch of shredded cheddar and a glop of sour cream up top and we're all set. We were chatting about the day when I noticed a little 2 year old hand reaching out from under her bedroom door and tapping the floor with a magna-doodle pen. I smiled and showed Brent who went and opened her door and went to cuddle in her bed with her.

Alina wanted us both to cuddle. We all cuddled for a little while and finally Brent and I got up to go to bed and we had the following conversation.

Alina: No, Mommy, don't go!
Me: I have to go to bed, honey, I'm tired.
Alina: But I'm scared.
Me: What are you scared of?
Alina: A monster.

At this point I had to do everything I could not to pick her up, cover her with kisses, and laugh while I brought her to my bed. I thought we'd never come to this because she LOVES the pixar movie Monster's Inc. which explains monsters are just doing their job and aren't really going to hurt you or even touch you.

Me: Where's the monster, honey?
Alina points to her window.
Me: Daddy? Can you come here?
Brent enters
Me: Alina says she is scared.
Brent; What's the matter, honey?
Alina: There's a monster, Daddy!
Brent: WEll, I'll go scare it away while Mommy cuddles with you to keep you safe, okay?
Alina: OK daddy.
Brent goes out to the front yard (though the window is to the backyard, LOL), walks around for a minute, then comes back.
Brent: Ok honey, I made him go away.
Alina: Thank you Daddy. Night night!

Kisses and night nights from all and Brent and I went to bed, pleased as the daylights that our little girl has decided to be scared of imaginary monsters.

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