Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Halloween... I know it's early

So for some reason, the last few days I have been thinking about Halloween. Maybe it's all the stuff all over Walmart that is causing the issue! Maybe it's all the orange pumpkins at the grocery store. It makes me remember that big church on HWY 17 back home that stacks a ton of pumpkins out in the front yard of their church every year.

So I asked Alina what she wanted to be for Halloween. I asked if she wanted to be Spiderman or maybe Dora the Explorer. She wants to be Tinkerbell!!! So, like any good mommy, I ebayed it!!

Starting Bid:$34.99

Starting Bid: $37.99

Ok so NO. Nope not happning. Nope. Notta. Not at all.

Who pays that much for a kid's halloween costume, anyways???

So here's my plan: MAKE IT

What an ingenious idea! It worked last year when she was a princess... cutest outfit EVER. So, my plan is to take this little green bathing suit she has (she's got 2 others) and add a little skirt and sleeves, and make or buy a tiara and slippers and throw her in stockings and one of the pairs of fairy wings she already has. Total cost: probably less than $10. It'll be EASY.

Raziel has a little puppy dog fuzzy suit given to me when he was born - it's white with brown polka dots and a tail and ears on the hood. WAY too cute.

What I REALLY want to do for Brent and I would probably be kind of expensive. I'd really really really like to do Jubilee and Gambit from X-Men.

There's only one problem.


So, again I ebayed... and the issue seems to be that the current definition of a trenchcoat is really more what I'd call a pea coat -- stopping just past the waist.

This was really the only one that they have in yellow... So I'm going to hit Walmart and see about making one. It would be ALOT of work, but paying $30 for something I don't really think fits the style I want isn't something I'm prepared to do.

I even tried ebaying costumes for Jubilee and unfortunately, not even the "Official Marvel Shop" had her on the list. She's not the most popular as of late which is sad to me because SHE ROCKS.

So I tried to google it.... and I'm looking at about $175 to get her boots and trenchcoat and outfit and the outfit is so lame I wouldn't even use it. I'd only use the boots and coat... and I'm not paying that much LOL

So I guess I'm going to look for fabric and patterns at Walmart.... cause I'm not paying that kind of money!!

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  1. I feel ya. I'm about to do boatloads of fall sewing. My work has a halloween costume contest I won last year with a medieval dress. I intend to do the same this year with a different dress they haven't seen, but for 2010, going to have to have something different. Colonial? Elizabethan? I have ideas for both of those and no time! *cries*