Saturday, September 5, 2009

Raziel & Alina

So this morning was so adorable I had to share about it.

Yesterday I went to the WIC office and got vouchers for the next 3 months (which, total bummer, I don't get all the fruit, bread and such till December! They're changing WIC in our area and are actually cutting back the 10 gallons of milk and 6 cartons of eggs a month -- which is too much -- and giving us dollar amounts for fruit & veggies along with vouchers for bread and grains. I'm sooo excited and thought we'd get it in October when they're starting the transition but we don't get it till December. (I'm glad because it will provide more of what we need and I'll be throwing out/giving away less food) At least they didn't want proof that I'm pregnant again and they just stuck me back on) and they took Raziel off of formula and onto normal food and such. I was sooo worried he wouldn't like real milk but he drank it just like formula, no big deal. He's so laid back -- I love him! But point being, we finally have an excess of juice and milk and cheese again!! (specifically juice)

He and Alina both were up around 8 and after I took my shower and dressed everyone I put him in his high chair and Alina wanted her chair right up against his so they could share. They had graham crackers (newest love of their lives) and juice. I gave them each sippy cups of apple juice. Alina thought it was adorable how Raziel was eating big person food. I've been impressed with his little transition - he's eating solids and such, no issue. Cheerios, crackers, cheese tortillas, etc. We're slowly easing him into stuff that's easy to chew but he's coming along nicely.

I took a picture of them sharing breakfast and I thought it was adorable and had to show you!!!

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