Monday, September 21, 2009

My Weekend Thrifty Finds

Ok so if you read my last post you know that I've been trying to be thrifty and save money for kid things... So I have posted my recent finds to share with you because I'm a bit excited about them!!

First were my finds at the Mothers For Multiples Consignment Sale (the place that had the $40 carseat)

This one I remember reading as a child and was so super excited to come across it at the sale. Given, it was $1 and that seems like a bit much for a second hand book, but I bought it anyways. Alina calls it her Super Grover book and reads it to me all the time - usually talking about the pictures in a imitation Grover voice, but I am reading it with her often and pointing to the letters and having her say them with me.

This is a picture of something super similar to what I bought (I'll put up a real pic when I remember to take a picture). It's called a "voile" technically, I call it a window scarf thing. Hers is a really baby light pink that has furry stuff sticking out of it - almost like a boa, but not feathery. We draped it over her sheer white curtain and she was so excited when she saw it and told me it was pretty. I plan to put up a curtain rod soon, now that there's enough curtiain hanging to actually cover the window and it won't look tacky. But, that's on the day that I finish her room... so that's on a day I have alot of time and about $25 to buy molding for the top of her room.

Next: My craigslist add worked!! I had given up on finding a carseat at a thrift store and began looking at yard sales and such. Finally I posted on craigslist, asking to buy a forward facing carseat for $10-$15, hoping someone has an old one collecting dust or something they want to get rid of. I had a lady contact me on Saturday and said she'd sell me one they used in Grandma's car for $15. She says its clean and hardly used at all. I frankly don't care, if it's $15, it's sold!! I'll update later (tomorrow) with a picture of it.

Next: My newest craigslist find! I was meandering around looking at random junk and went to the free section on craigslist and noticed a listing for a bunch of free stuff, including a double stroller. She says it's a bit scratched on the plastic and the cover needs washed but that she's just giving it away. I called her up and am picking it up on the way home. I'll also post a picture of that tomorrow!

Anyways... I'm super excited about all the cool stuff I found!

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