Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Long Weekend

Ahhh lovely long weekend.

Thursday I worked, picked up the kids and went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I gave Alina a sheet of stickers while she was in her carseat. She enjoyed them.

Friday was my and Brent's date night. He decided last year that he would celebrate our 6mo anniversaries as well as our years. For some reason, last year, he thought it would be on the 25th of August. This year he sent me a letter (or left it in the car, rather) that stated he'd consulted great mathmaticians and came to the conclusion that Sept 25th was in fact the 6 month mark. He made a French cuisine dinner. To prepare for our Paris trip (hopefully at the 5 year mark, probably at 10years though) we had a great dinner!

We had flambe'd cheese as our appetizer, served with homemade bread

Reverse Chicken Cordon Bleu for the entree, served with the most amazing mashed potatoes EVER (which just looked like mashed potato bake but were AWESOME)

And he'd made these tiny little puffy cream cookies for desert but they fell and wouldn't come off the pan. They tasted amazing though, and we're gonna try again sometime.

Saturday, I had the day off and so did Brent. It was wonderful. Alina and Raziel played like angels.

Well, until naptime. Alina has kindof stopped napping. She'll lay down for about 30 minutes and then get up and play. Raziel is still taking 3 hour naps, so we let them "nap" at the same time since Alina is content with playing in her room. The problem arose when Alina found some old paint-by-number kit (that Mommy was sure she'd thrown away) and decorated her mural wall with fingerpainting. Mommy was SOO upset that she made Daddy talk to Alina about why you don't paint on the walls. It took a coat of wall paint to cover because scrubbing (even with bleach cleaner) wasn't doing the job. But, we got it covered up.

Afterwards, Alina and Raz hung out in my room and watched some Sesame Street together while we cleaned the living room.

They are learning how to share!

Sunday, daddy had to work! We cleaned alot and had a long tiresome day. But, Alina wasn't too worried about it because that night, Alina made dinner for daddy. We had italian chicken on rice and sugar cookies! I must say Alina was VERY proud of herself because she helped cook (almost) everything!

Monday, daddy had to work again, but he got to open! That was fun. Alina, Raziel and I slept until 9:30 (wow!) and then had a relaxing day, finishing the painting in mommy's room and washing dishes together in the kitchen. Raziel decided he likes apple and cherrios mashed together (his own creation). Oh! I forgot to mention his little endeavor to give mommy a heart attack!!

Alina and I were in my bedroom where I was comforting her because she'd hit her foot on something and was crying. I wasn't watching Raz as closely as I should have and he escaped into my bathroom. Well, I went to go look for him not but moments later and guess what he'd found!!

That's right! RAT POISON!!! I looked in his mouth and his hands and everywhere and found no residue. I had been pretty sure we didn't have any rat poison anywhere so I'm sure the box was empty. Nonetheless, I scooped Raz up, threw shoes on Alina and stuck em in the car. I was about to go insane, started flying down the road when I saw Nene pulling around the corner. Nene calmed me down, I called poison control, and they said that he'd have to eat like 30 of those little caplets before it affected him. I was sure he hadn't had that much. She said not to worry about it - kids had eaten whole boxes and it just makes their blood thin for a few days. I was so relieved!

We hung out at nene's for a while and Nene, Caba and Jessie invited Alina to come over that night for a slumber party! Alina didn't know what it was at first, but as the day went on she got more exctited. She packed all her little things into her backpack and went over to Nene's at dark.

They watched Sleeping Beauty, painted their fingernails, and had pizza for dinner. When we picked her up this morning, Nene said she did great. She only woke up once and started to run into another room when Nene asked her where she was going and she said "Nene?" and got back in bed with her. I think she was just confused - she's never stayed anywhere without Mommy and Daddy! She was so excited to see us this morning. She's a little grumpy but that's what slumber parties are all about! Staying up late!

So my weekend was WONDERFUL!!


  1. Hey she has stayed at our house without you guys

  2. LOL I forgot... well this was her first slumber party without Raz and us then