Saturday, September 19, 2009

Not how I planned it

I had it all planned out. Get up at 7:30, eat breakfast, go grab 2 carseats from the Mothers for Multiples consignment sale for like $20 each, get to work a bit early, have good old tuna for lunch and get home in a timely fashion to enjoy a meal made by hubby while I soaked in the tub.


Ok so we all know life doesn't go how we plan it. Ever. Here's how my day went.
7:30 - I did get up bright and early, and got on my way by 8:00 with donughts and apple juice in hand.
8:10 - flat tire.

Yeah, not even 10 minutes down the road, I hit a pothole and got a flat tire. And, do I have a wrench? No. Just a jack and a spare. And, when hubby shows up with our 4-way wrench (made to fit just about anything) does it fit? Nope. Had to borrow one from a guy who stopped to help but really, beside the wrench, just got in the way because he wanted to help but didn't seem to understand that a Suzuki with a full body kit is a little different from a stuck up lawyer volvo. In the meantime, I call in and take a personal day for work.

10:30 - follow Brent on spare tire to mechanic, then take kids home to dress and feed
11:00 - trade cars back with Brent
12:00 - get to the sale. The only carseats they had were $40. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
3:00 - give up searching local thrift stores and go home
4:00 - take a nap on the couch
5:00 - watch Robin hood the tv show
6:00 - start my long relaxing bath while brent has the kids across the street
8:00 - help watch kids while brent makes lazagna
10:00 - go to bed, exhausted.

Funny... not exactly how I planned it.

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  1. sometimes its not and that just sucks... but hang in there and things will brighten up:) Prayers your way