Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday... to everyone!!!

Well I calculated carefully and came up with the fact that Raziel shares a birthday week with JUST ABOUT EVERYONE!!

Louise Weld (a friend from my parents church) is the 8th
Joseph Elliot (whom I used to babysit) is the also the 8th
Uncle Karl (my side) is the 9th
Raziel's is the 10th
Also, friends that I graduated with, Ky and Johnathan Warton share the 10th birthday and also their grandfather (oddly enough!)
Uncle Scot (brent's side) is the 11th, as is Gill Broyles (someone's little brother)
my Mom's is the 12th, and on my mom's FB a friend even commented that she shared a birthday with another mutual friend's son!

so -- wow... that's alot of babies born on the same week! Anyways, the most important one in my life (sorry Mom, you're a close second!) is my very own Raziel Alaxander Haley!!!

Thursday, Raziel turned 1!!! I remember the day I had him. I'd had contractions all morning and finally went into the OB-GYN to have them check me because I didn't want to go back and forth from the hospital (I'd done that with Alina). My midwife said I was only at a centimeter (around 10am) but that she was pretty sure I'd be having him that day. If I remember right, he was due on the 11th... maybe the 12th? I remember talking to my mom about when I'd want him born and that I didn't want him born on Sept 11th (in case it turned into some national holiday) and I'd rather him not share it with her, just so he'd have his very own day. I was so glad when the midwife said it would be that day, the tenth!

I was determined NOT to get sent home from labor and delivery a single time so I took Alina over to NeNe's and laid in the bed for a long time. I had contractions and such and finally was able to take a nap. The midwife said it would be rough in the morning, lay off for a while, but when it came back they would be "let's get to the hospital" contractions. Brent came home from work around 4 and he opted we should go for a walk. I drug myself out of the bed and actually felt up to a walk. We walked down the hill and down the street a bit (like 2 houses down) and decided it was time to go back home. This time, when Brent said he thought it was time to go to the hospital, I agreed. I didn't even go back in the house. I just got into the car and let him get my things.
About 2 hours later we had Raziel. It wasn't a long process and I just hope it's that easy with #3. Labor and Delivery was just leaps easier because my body seemed to know what it was doing, I knew what to expect, and I was able to focus my energy so well. I'm very proud of Raziel and how quickly he came, it was so planned.

Anyways well we celebrated his 1st birthday on thursday (I'm just now posting because picture mail didn't work all weekend and that's how I upload photos from my phone to the internet). We had Nene and Paw and Jess and CaBa (though Alina insists on calling her Becca now that she can say it) and Aunt Jenjen over to have chocolate cupcakes and open presents. Raziel was given alot of clothes (my request) and a few toys - a bath surfing turtle and a hammer that makes noise when you hit stuff... Alina also got a present - a puzzle!! She's loving it so far. It's just the right difficulty level for her (the kind they have at doctor offices where there's a bunch of holes cut out of a board and the pieces fit into their respective spots (with correlating pictures of -say, a cat - both on the board and on the piece.) She's got it down pat because there's only 8 pieces but she's really enjoyed it so far. I think this year Alina will get alot of educational things for christmas - books, puzzles, and so on.

But -- that which you've all been waiting for -- here's the pictures!!

First, the presents:

Alina showing Raziel his toys

Raziel opening presents

Raziel checking out the situation

Like any good big sister, Alina opened Raziel's presents for him!!

Alina even got her own present!

"You want some cupcake, Mommy??"

Raziel enjoying his cupcake

Getting serious

He even got it in his ears!!

This is my favorite picture all night -- He looks so excited and happy!


  1. Wow! What a short labor! You better get to the hospital quick for number 3!

  2. LOL I know!! I just hope time doesn't cut in half again! I'll only have 45 minutes to get to the hospital and 45 to have her! That's hardly long enough to get changed into a gown and into a L&D room!