Monday, August 10, 2009

The past few days

Sunday night we had a game night with another couple from our church. I was thrilled when Tamra texted and suggested the idea. You know how I've been longing for some friends up here!! I was soo excited!

I made spaghetti cheesy stuff that a lady from Brent's work made for us one time because she said we looked like the type of people that were too busy to make many homemade meals. You cook spaghetti noodles the normal way and grill chicken breast. Then you take a jar of spaghetti sauce and melt velveta cheese into it (A lb is plenty). You shred the chicken and mix it all together and it serves like a lot of people. If you use a whole can of spaghetti sauce and a whole lb of velveta you will need to make enough spaghetti noodles to serve 8-10 people. I store it and it re-heats really well. Anyway, that's what we had for dinner cause we have 3 people that are eating real food and she has a family of 5 so it was a lot of food that was needed.

They brought a salad -- the good kind with spinach and iceburg and cabbage and cheese and ranch dressing... and we put these little roasted almonds that had some sort of ranch powder on them and it was AMAZING.

Well after we ate I put Raziel down and then put on a movie for Alina and Tamra's kids and Brian and Tamra and Brent and I sat down and played Spades. I remember being small and my parents going to bridge night, or having friends over to play spades. I never got to play because its a game for 4 people and 4 people only. In fact, we were usually sent to go watch the movie. I felt like such a grown up -- there was a kids table and a grown up table at dinner. The kids watched a movie and the grown ups played a complicated card game. We had so much fun that we stayed up until midnight and would have kept playing if I didn't have to work early and their kids hadn't kept coming to ask for things. (I put Alina down way before that, though -- around 10)

Then last night, we took Alina to go and see the new Ice Age movie. We'd asked her if she wanted to go see it on Friday, but our Neon (2nd car) decided to quit, and won't brake, so we couldn't go because I got off too late to get home and take her. She was so disappointed. Brent had told her that we would wear glasses to watch it (it's a 3-d movie) and so every time she saw her sunglasses all weekend she'd say "i got my glasses lets go watch ice age!" Last night, we told her we could finally go. We went to a 7:20 showing (the car is still not fixed) and left Raziel with Jessie for the night. Alina was so excited to wear the glasses and see "Sid and Diego and the Mammoth and possums on the big TV." Brent and I were shocked -- we payed $24. No, they didn't charge us for Alina - it was $12 a ticket because the movie was in 3-D!!! I remember going to movies and paying $5.25 or $4.50 for a matinee. If we'd known it was going to be so much we would've gone to a theater that wasn't showing in 3-D.

She sat right on the edge of her little seat the whole time with her glasses. She took them on and off, and squirmed a little, but she enjoyed it alot. She cuddled up next to me when the dinosaurs jumped out at us, and when Diego was hunting. She shrieked with delight (much to Brent and I's dismay because of her sheer volume) when she recognized characters and realized the mammoth was having a baby "just like my mommy!" She referred to new characters by name, including "mommy dinosaur" and "Buck" and she chattered away while we walked to the car after the movie was done.

Which reminds me -- she wore her new princess shoes. Her ne-ne bought these for her and she insisted on wearing them both to the movie and to the sitter today. I snapped a picture because I thought she was so adorable. She actually walks really well in them, and hasn't fallen down a single time. She kicks them off in the car but walks around the house in them. She thinks they are real shoes.

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  1. Oh she is just too cute! I've a had a huge longing for friends here. I have plenty of friends, but I do not know anyone who lives near me with a baby. It's really hard when we try to do now people leave us out because we have a baby...they don't even ask us. I am so glad you found some fun people to hang out with!