Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sleep Resolutions

Well if you've read my facebook status or my blog at all in the last two or three months, you know that for some reason, I'm just not getting enough sleep. Today I have been researching different natural remedies to help improve sleep. I can't take anything drug-wise (though I probably wouldn't even if I wasn't pregnant) and I can't drink liquor as many have suggested (also due to pregnancy) so I've been intent on finding some other resolution. So, I've been reading online.

The first page I read was -- their extensive article included exercise, eating well, and cutting caffeine. How helpful. The other things they included were strange, off the wall ideas -- like color therapy. They suggested that lighting and colors may make you more alert and less likely to fall asleep. Well, the problem isn't falling asleep or staying asleep -- its sleeping well and being rested.

The second was on -- their 8 Natural Remedies that Might Help you Sleep
this was stupid. 6 of the 10 were "natural" supplements that you buy at the drug store. I'm sorry but if I have to buy it as a pill I don't think it's all that natural. Their other two were yoga and aromatherapy. I used to do yoga some right after I had Raziel so I wonder if it would help now. I don't remember if it helped me sleep or not, but I may as well give it a go. As far as aromatherapy was concerned, I've tried all that and lavender doesn't put me under like most people.

So I went back to google and tried again -- this time I skipped down to one that promised to look better -- All about Natural Sleep. I particularly noticed that in the description it stated "how to sleep like a baby every night." It was as if Google had heard my thoughts!! (or else God... which is more likely, of course) Well some was quite ridiculous, actually. One suggestion in particular caught my attention and made me laugh aloud.
• Threaten yourself that “If I am not asleep within the next 10 minutes, I will get up and…” clean the oven, or clean the fridge….whatever you really hate doing… When your brain knows you really mean it - this will scare you to sleep to avoid a nasty chore!
Really? that's ridiculous! I'm not going to trick myself into sleeping so i don't clean. That is the silliest thing I've read so far.

I also read something about having the clutter cleaned out to enhance the flow of chi (some old chinese thing)... I wonder if that would actually make a difference or not. Those chinese people were crazy but always seemed to live for freaking ever...

Well -- thus far the search has been unhelpful. I will clean my room and do some yoga. Maybe I should just relax about my life a little and stop stressing out so much.


  1. So these do sound kinda funny and rediculous but the first website's suggestion of exercise, eating well and no caffine really is good advice. Given I drink coffee once a day I don't have much about caffine, accept the fact that it obviously will keep most people awake:) But we all know that because it is droned in our heads like nothing. So on to the other two. I have gotten much better sleep since I started exercising on a set schedule. Even 45 min of exercise does wonders. I don't know why, maybe something with endorphines and serotonins, whatever it is it makes you feel great for the rest of the day and, for me at least, it makes having a good night's sleep more accessable. Diet is important too, and I don't know for what reason. But I know that when I eat something greasy or in a bigger portion than I actually want I feel sick all day. And if I feel sick all day I am usually slow and tired. And for some reason this leads to a poor night's sleep for me. Its amazing because I will go to bed anywhere from 9:30 to midnight and have to get up at 6:30 for work, be somewhat tired but be awake and ready by the time I get to work at 7:00. Normally we don't leave till 5 from work. Its a long day, but I feel more rested than I did when I had to get up for class at 9. Also a set schedule is helpful, not part by part of your day because that is impossible to plan. But as much of a schedule at least for sleep as you can. Personal recommendations: hot bath before bed, hot tea before bed (which is contradictory to the caffine thing, but it works for me), maybe hot choclate before bed would work too, and sometimes if I can't fall asleep I'll read in bed and I sleep pretty well if I've done that. Good luck with the sleep thing:)

  2. lol :-P I love long comments, you made my day!