Friday, August 28, 2009

Rainy Days

Today is a rainy day. For some strange reason, I am so lethargic today. I'd very much like to lay back down in my comfy bed and tell my kids that the sun didn't come up so they must return to bed. I tried that, this morning at 6:45 when Alina knocked on my door. HAHA. She found it amusing. She simply wanted to snuggle -- or so she said.

By 7:15am, snuggling was done and she was both hungry and thirsty and wanted to watch bob and play video games with daddy and play with mommy's jewelry and inform me that Raziel was crying because he was hungry. Brent and I took turns pacifying their needs enough to crawl back in bed. Eventually, (by 8) we just gave up and got everyone up and ready for their day. Raziel downed a whole 8 oz bottle, 6 oz of juice and a huge pile of cheerios. Alina ate some chex and had juice, all the while asking for her "birthday cake" which in actuality was a marshmallow rope candy. Where she got birthday cake? I don't know.

Well, although I didn't have to leave home until 9:30 and Brent is off all day, we were wide awake at 8am. Brent opted to play the new Batman game and I did some laundry and tried on the dresses I was debating between for the premier. While it had been a crazy thing to find a sitter for the premier itself, I finally got one and have settled into preparing myself - what hairstyle, what dress, what shoes, etc. I am excited because I'm going to get ready with Gretchen, our producer friend's girlfriend, and she's a really sweet person. I just hope it doesn't pour rain on us tomorrow like it is pouring today.

I have sooo much to clean in the meantime. My life has been out of control lately between premier and festival and movie making and my brother's wedding and being exhausted because oh, yeah, in the meantime I'm growing a baby in here and gosh! wonder why I'm so tired all the time!!! I am totally gonna have my hands full when #3 comes around. I need to clean my kitchen and my master bedroom and bathroom, take trash to the dump, mop the whole house, and fix our hall bathroom toilet (which doesn't flush properly and clogs often and we still haven't figured it out though we've tried draino and other options along with the good old plunger).

And today? Am I at home working away on all these things? Nope. I'm putting in a good old 10-6 and sitting at my desk writing a senseless blog and playing games on Facebook. AAAHhh... the life.

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