Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sweeeeet Sleep

So, I didn't clean or worry about my chi last night LOL

What did help though was switching the side of the bed with Brent. He had been sleeping on one side and now I'm sleeping on that side. Apparently, the fan in the window that was blowing on my face was waking me up repeatedly though the night. Brent said he thought I'd gone crazy cause I'd sit up and start slapping at my face 6 or 7 times a night. NO WONDER I WASN'T FEELING RESTED!!!

I noticed last night that the fan would blow my hair across my face and it felt like a fly was on my head. So, switching sides (and thus away from the fan) actually helped ALOT and I felt very rested this morning. Also, Brent has started working out in the mornings again, which is really nice in a few ways.

#1 -- I made him a man-cave with all his workout equipment and an old desktop for him to write on and all his manly action figures and every bit of media paraphernalia he owns. I spent an entire afternoon setting it up for him and him working out makes me feel very appreciated for that effort!

#2 -- I also am glad he's working out again because he's put on a bit of tummy weight and always complains about that and how tired he is. The exercise will help both of these aspects.

#3 -- since he's getting up earlier than he used to, he make Raziel his morning bottle. This cuts my prep time for the kids down by 10 minutes because I would get up and make a bottle and have to wait till he was done before I could really do anything else to prepare him for his day. This adds 10 minutes of restful waking up time to my morning and I LOVE it.

We'll see how long my rested feeling lasts -- hopefully a long time!!!

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