Monday, August 24, 2009

David and Sarah's Wedding

Well I've got a heck of an update but I've been too busy to really worry about it lately.

August 14-15 we went to SC for David and Sarah's wedding. We left at 4 am on Friday morning once the kids were fast asleep and Brent and I had snagged a few hours. It was a long drive but very enjoyable. Brent and I have had so little time where we are confined in a small space with nothing to do but talk - it was really wonderful. We talked the entire time. We arrived around 11am and hung out with my family who were all in a big bustle getting ready for the wedding. We just hung out. Around 4 we left for Summerville and the rehearsal. It was boring - the preacher talked for freaking EVER about two becoming one and becoming some freaky religious threesome with God. It was strange the way he referred to it as a threesome. No offense to Mr Preacher or anything but I just thought it was an awful thing to call it - a threesome.

Anyway, after the fact, (and after I was about to kill myself for wearing my irresistibly cute stiletto heels) we headed over and had home made bbq for dinner. It was both fun and awkward to see old friends and past potential boyfriends. I was super comfortable with some but others I just wasn't sure what to say or to talk about. It didn't get any better, either. I am just glad I married Brent and don't have to worry about all that drama. I'm sad, though, that things had to be so different... but I guess that just comes with change and growing up.

That night we stayed at Nancy's. My dad gave us the wrong key and as a result, we sat outside on the porch for about an hour while Dad tried to find the right key until Telma (Nancy's only-speaks-Spanish roomie/house keeper) decided that she'd see who was sitting on her porch at 11 at night. She let us in, I told her in broken Spanish that we were Nancy's friends and she knew who we were. She held Alina who was crying because she was so tired. She and Alina made fast friends while I set up the playpens. I was so glad she came to let us in, too, because Brent was about to loose his temper and go get a hotel. We slept SO well that night.

The wedding preparation was nice. I got to paint Sarah's nails and do my mom and sister's make up. My Auntee helped me squeeze into my dress and told me about the weddings she had been in when she was pregnant or just after baby. She seemed to be a pro at stuffing me into that dress. I remember buying too big for that very reason, but the ladies at David's bridal didn't mention that the dresses got stretched out when people tried them on, and I probably should've gotten the 10 (gasp) instead of the 8. I felt so far removed from when it was my wedding (2 1/2 babies ago) and they were taking in the 0 to make it fit. I wonder it the dresses are just different -- surely I haven't gained that many dress sizes! I've only gained about 25lbs since I was 18 and getting married. However, I do wonder how much the shifting of bone structure for the birth of children had to do with it.

The wedding itself was beautiful. Sarah was gorgeous! I remember walking in and seeing David so confident. But, by the time the doors closed right before Sarah's entrance, his eyes dropped to the floor and I could almost see the thoughts in his head "stay here, it's just Sarah" seemed to be all he was saying to himself. I was worried he was going to take off for a second - though when I'd asked about cold feet the week prior he laughed it off telling me he'd waited 8 years for this. I was not fooled, but I am very proud to say that there is now a Mr and Mrs David Griggs!

The reception was beautiful, too. Alina had a blast dancing and Raziel was passed from family member to family member. Raziel had a great time flirting with all the lovely people and eating all sorts of strange things. I have ALOT of pictures taken by my family of him eating leaves, corsages, etc. I found it interesting that they felt the need to take these pictures before taking the strange non-edible substance from my son.

Eating a leaf

Trying to get my mom's earrings so he can eat them

Chewing on a plastic cup (not as bad as the others)

Pulling up grass to eat

They had fun with Alina too-- she had about 5 pieces of wedding cake.

again, my family feeling the need to take a picture instead of worrying about the amount of sugar she'd had.

Alina also got the job of handing out birdseed to all the people for David and Sarah's fake exit (they weren't really leaving but wanted to leave for fun). She didn't understand that she was supposed to throw the birdseed at David and Sarah but she did come to realize everyone was throwing it everywhere and spent the next hour throwing every remaining bit of birdseed onto the lawn.

Brent ran around filming everything and I think he has everyone we know on camera (including Alina) saying something to the effect of "its about time!" Brent had too much to drink (lol), with the 2 beers at the reception and the mixed drink he had at Ruby Tuesdays after we left. He had a hard time walking to the car and I drove the first good leg of the return trip (we arrived home at like 5 am and HAD to take turns) He looked so nice in the makeshift suit we came up with. It looked like it went together and really it didn't come together, I just stuck it all together.

Best for last - this was my favorite of the whole night. The band dedicated some cute song to Alina and she danced away with Brent and I, giggling and twirling with not a care in the world!


  1. David was taking my cousin Mike's advice and not looking at me until I was right in front of him, Mike said his face was priceless. I know everyone thought it was weird that Mike (the preacher) was talking about threesomes, but to him it was only church speak and I think that has become such a bad thing in our vocabulary because of the secular meaning, but I understood what he meant and would enjoy the analogy if not for the secular meaning. I think David's Bridal have gotten smaller with their dresses (marking them higher numbers when they really are smaller) because 25 lbs shouldn't add that many dress sizes. Anyway, so glad ya'll had fun and I wish you could have stayed longer:)