Friday, May 1, 2009

Ahhhh Life is Good.

So, I know I have been absent for a few days, but life has gotten terribly busy of late and Alina has been particularly grouchy and that's no fun to write about but owell I have people bugging me to update my blog so here goes. 

Alina is absolutely thilled (as am I) with my newest purchase. I am here to tell you that I got the newest touchscreen phone that Sprint has to offer for $50 at Bestbuy. We sell this phone for $229, and the customer gets a mail in rebate of $100. I have saved about a gazillion dollars by buying it somewhere else. Now, am I going to mention this insane price to my customers? LOL no. Alina likes it because it is a big screened phone and she gets to see the photo I have of her as my background all the time. She looks at it and says "oh! it's me! It's Alina!" and its incredibly adorable. She had a very grumpy night last night because we didn't get home until bedtime but Mommy had promised we could see Nene before bedtime, so we went to Nene's house and hit bed about an hour later than usual. If you know Alina, you know how grumpy this made her. But, nonetheless, she was her beautiful happy self this morning, and wanted to wear her Blue shirt (Blues Clues). I put her in that and some super adorable capris I got at the Women's Center and it's fantastic with her little ponytail. She also has some new little Tevas (those are expensive sandals, oh non-shoe people.) Tevas are sold for $45 in her size but I got them from the Women's Center for free. Man, I love that place. Also got to grab a pack of pampers while I was over there and I am stocked for a while. 

Raziel has sucessfully changed formulas. He spit up a little this morning, but I think that had more to do with the fact that he downed 6 oz without slowing down in like 10 minutes. He was very hungry this morning, I think he's growing :-) . I now have officoally (according to WIC and everything) stopped breastfeeding him. I actually stopped when we went to NYC because it was the perfect oppurtunity, but I just now told the WIC ppl because I thought I needed the extra food package. I was wrong- - I needed the formula!! I was spending $20 a week to supplement his baby food diet with good formula. I went to WIC and got him on formula vouchers and picked up 5 cans ($65 worth) of formula for April!!! Yes, I picked the vouchers up on the 29th! I have those to "jumpstart" us and then we get 10 12.5oz cans a month and it is amazing how good the government seems to low income families -- even if the warm fuzzies are short lived because I turned on the radio and now they're talking about taxing milage on our cars and I will so be screwed if they do that. Anyways, I think the main thing that has help Raziel change is that we kept him on a milk-based formula, and the one or two times we'd tried a different one before had been soy based. I didn't know there was a difference but believe you me -- there is a huge one when it comes to his little tummy. 

And--- Alina is officially in her repeating stage. Yes, it's true. She was watching her daddy play video games and said "let's do this" and "I'm gonna kick your @$$." It was at this point Brent and I decided that its time to play the game on mute. I had to try so hard not to laugh at her -- we don't want her to think its funny to say it, but omg it's so hysterical. She only said it once or twice and we hope she didn't realize what she was saying. I mean -- I'm sure she didn't, but I hope she didn't realize it was an odd or funny thing to say. So, Brent and I have cracked down about which words - including crap and butt -- we use in front of her. And, anything with any kind of innapropriate language or content has effectively been banned for her little ears. We didn't realize she was going to start repeating things this early! Well -- lesson is learned and hopefully dealt with gracefully. 

Ok so that's all for now, I think anyways. I have alot to work on for my movie today. We've had major changes in acting -- Tyler dropped out. But, it's okay. We already had a replacement and when we finally made the switch, I suddenly had camera ops and PA's and such coming out of my ears. It's an amazing thing!! Almost like Someone planned it that way... hmmmmm 

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