Wednesday, May 6, 2009

still no sleep

Last night again the babies were angels. Raziel didn't even wake me up to get a bottle this morning. He found the one that was still in his crib (empty) and sucked on that happily til I checked on him, which I know is terribly horrible and whatnot but he'll be okay. I fed him when I got him up. Alina got in bed, no problems, and woke up with a smile wearing her "didasares" (dinosaurs) nightgown and then putting on "Arry boy" (Larryboy) for the day.... still couldn't sleep though

After I left however the day plummeted downward. Apparently I forgot to take Raziel's carseat out of my car last night and I drove all the way to work (30 mins) before me and Brent realized it. Its my boss' day off. He had to come in so I could drive back. Well, I get back and Brent's car won't go in reverse, so I drove Brent to work in Dalton (30 minutes), babies to sitters in Ringgold (20 minutes) and then back to work (1 hour). And, I had to call around for directions because my GPS on my phone didn't want to work because it's rainy and cloudy outside and it couldn't get satalite on where I was. I finally got back to work at noon and have sat here doing repairs and such all day.... and then I just realised that Brent has my store keys somehow and I have to get my boss to come back and lock up for me... 

Some days I'd like to get an email from God or something -- just a little note that says "hey, today's gonna suck!" It'd be nice, you know? But, I have to learn perseverance somehow. 

Good news, though. Brent got interviewed for two different jobs -- either would be a promotion. The one he really wants is a personell trainer -- he'd basically brief new hires on walmart policies and such. It's a 7-4 Mon-Sat (with a weekday off in there too) -- he would always be off on Sundays (halelu!) and never work nights! He'd get 40 hours instead of the current 36 and he'd get a dollar raise! That's gonna be about $150 more per bi-weekly check, which God knows we could use it. The other job is a CSM (customer support manager). It's part time -- 32 hours but still the dollar raise. It breaks down to almost the exact same money. He would mainly take that job because it wouldn't be part time for long, and he'd go full time very quickly.  The man who interviewed him said he'd never been so impressed by anyone and he wished he could offer Brent the job without interviewing the other candidates. This is a good thing -- Walmart requires 3 interviews per job, even if you know who you want to promote. Brent has filled in as a "dummy" interview several times before, so there's a good chance that the other two will be just that. We are hoping and praying this pans out. Brent has been put up for promotions a few times and one of his immediate supervisors doesn't want him promoted (because he takes credit for how much Brent gets accomplished) and has thrown him under the bus every time. This time, we think, is going to be different because his two other supervisors have been talking him up alot and they don't like the stupid manager and so he's got a much better chance. We will know Friday.... and I'll share when I get the word. 

That's all for now... I have a headache 


  1. Oh what a day, oh what a day. My baby brother ran away. And now my tuba will not play. Oh what a day, oh what a day.

  2. That was suppose to be me! I didn't realize I was in Alisha's Google..... wait a sec, I can read her email. I wonder who's she's been talking to..... hmmm

  3. I seriously considered titling my post "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day" but it wasn't that bad when I started, it just got worse