Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bedtime is now a joy!

Okie dokie so here's the scoop. 

I talked to my wonderful mother about Alina being so clingy to me all the time and not ever - EVER- - wanting to have her daddy lay her down for the night. She would scream and holler and yell and beg for mommy and it just broke Brent's heart every time. I'd had enough - Brent and Alina were going to have a good relationship - regardless of what she wanted. So, my mom suggested that Brent have a different kind of bedtime routine from the one I use for Alina. Well, that night we gave it a shot. 

I dress Alina in her pj's, brush her hair and teeth, rock her and sing to her 3 songs - Truly Scrumptious, Jesus Loves You and Jesus Loves the Little Children. Then, I lay her down in her crib, tell her good night and to let me know when she wakes up in the morning. Well, this wasn't working for Brent. So, he took a different approach. (this is how creative my husband is.) 

Brent & Alina's Routine
 1) Brent and Alina get in Alina's cib. She is always thrilled to have company in there.
2) Brent asks Alina who she wants to hear a story about.
3) Alina almost always says Larryboy -- sometimes Junior, Petunia, Bob, or someone else too if Brent prompts her for a second person. 
4) Brent proceeds to tell a silly story about how Larryboy could not sleep because some badguy was making noise and the mayor calls him to get him to help all of Bumblyburg go to sleep. 
5) Alina giggles like a silly child that has had candy for the first time
6) Brent tells Alina at the end that then Larryboy laid down and went to sleep and that it's her turn too. 
7) Alina and Daddy share hugs and kisses and Brent gets out of the crib and Alina goes straight to sleep. 

It's a beautiful thing -- works wonders. Last night I asked Alina if she wanted me to put her down and she said "No, I want story time!" 

I was so excited because Brent heard her and his face just lit up like she'd said the most precious thing in the world. It was amazing to me how something so little made him so happy. I was excited that she wanted him to put her down. We've made some real progress! 

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