Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Story Time!

This morning Alina informed me that she was going to have story time with her teddy bear and "bunny raggit." This rabbit is actually has a family history... I believe it was given to David when there was a foreign exchange student staying with my parents. I inherited this rabbit and named her "connie" for my tea parties and playing with my Samantha doll. I brought it when I moved out not thinking my children would be interested but that it would probobly be one of those things that sits on the shelf and you know its special but aren't allowed to play with it. Well, Alina loves stuffed animals and has taken "Connie" as her own. She tucked her and this huge teddy bear into a pallet she made on the floor and found a baby blanket to cover them up with. Then she laid down and told them a story about Grapes and Larryboy and Bumblyburg *these were the only words I identified* This was absolutely precious and I can't get over how sweet it was. 

Also --- Alina read her grover monster book to her Nene yesterday. This was equally precious. She got the book and sat down and Nene read it to her. Then Alina took it, said "Alina's turn" and proceeded to read it allowed. "Oh no, there's a munistner!" "please don't turn the page!" "you turned the page!" "please don't turn another page!" "you made a mess!" "all right all right!" "you are strong!" "oh silly me. I am the munistner." If you are familiar with this book, you will know how sweet this is! (see previous blog!) 

Raziel and Alina took a 2 hour nap yesterday. I was able to get half of my back yard mowed! If you've ever seen my yard, you know this is a huge deal. If you haven't, just imagine a jungle that has never seen a human being before and that's sort of how it looked. I now have a manageable front yard - nice, even -- and a halfway manageable backyard. I even moved Odin (our 120lb puppy) to the back tree by the shed so he doesn't tear up my front yard grass. Brent is even talking about getting some seed and spreading it in the yard so it grows grass instead of having dirt and clay patches everywhere. Tomorrow I am going to get the second half of my backyard done during naptime. Brent says the babies sleep for 2 and a half hours when he has them. That's crazy to me. But, I let them sleep and they went to bed just fine at night so that's the plan. Maybe I can even get someone with a truck to haul off the old trampoline and swingset I have rusting back there. I'm going to look at the pool and see about getting it hauled off too. 

Tomorrow I also have to get my living room cleaned. LOL. the joys of being a mommy with too much planned and not enough time or money. I guess that's life. Owell, at least my kids are perfect! 

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