Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day

My mother's day was wonderful. I was so sure that Brent had forgotten about it -- he hadn't said anything. But, Sunday morning he woke me up with a boquet of roses and a card that was so sweet. It has 4 little flower people on the front and a caterpillar. He said that He's the big blue flower and I'm the big pink flower and the two little flowers are Alina and Raziel and the bug is our dog, Odin (although, Odin is actually bigger than Alina, Raziel or myself). It says "Once upon a time, on a day that looked like any other day..." then you open it, "... someone like no one else came along and made life into something that would never be the same... That's you. That's my life. That's why you're someone special that means so much to me. Happy Mother's Day." I thought that it was so sweet -- I had to share it with you. 

Alina got me a card. It has a little girl on the front that has a tube of toothpaste and she is squirting a ton of it all over this toothbrush. I think it is fitting because Alina loves to brush her teeth. It says "Thanks, Mom, for being patient with me as I was figuring out right from wrong..." then you open it and it says "I'm not done with that, by the way. Happy Mother's Day." She signed it herself. It is so sweet. You can make out the A but the rest is sort of scribblies. Brent helped her write her name a second time so I would know who it was from. LOL like I wouldn't know. 

Raziel also "got" me a card. It has a little boy banging on some drums. It says "A mom is someone who can sit through a drum solo" and on the inside "and still hear beautiful music in it" This one I find very funny because Brent brought in his drums from the shed last night and cleaned them and then played them for a while. Raziel, in his playpen not 5 feet away from Brent, stayed asleep. Apparently the noise didn't bother him. 

New cutest thing Alina did also -- she couldn't say happy mother's day so instead she said happy momma-thurs day. it was adorable

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