Monday, May 4, 2009


I am soooo super excited! So, Raziel took his first little wobbly step last night! He'll be walking in no time! Brent and I have been encouraging him to crawl -- he's finally gotten to where he will scooch on his tummy, get up on his knees, take one or two crawl steps so to speak, and then lay back down and slide. He isn't interested at all in crawling, though he might just be faking us out because he made it across the entire living room in about 3 minutes the other night. Brent and I went into the kitchen to finish fixing dinner and when we came back he was on the other side of the living room about to pull the tablecloth onto him. Brent and I got him to stand up on his own for a little while (a few seconds, anyways) and he took one little step last night. It was amazing. Poor thing has absolutely no balance but hey, whatever! 

Alina has finally gotten to where she isn't afraid of the bath. She laid on her tummy and kicked her little legs and said "oh, I'm swimming!"  for like 20 minutes last night in the inch and a half of water that was in there. She also let me wash her hair. She just laid there and giggled and told me that it tickled. I am so glad that the scared-of-the-bath stage is now over. It was difficult to wash her at all and I probobly didn't wash her as much as I needed to; lol! 

Well, that's about all for today. 

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